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Dog of an old Esprit!

white s2

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Where did you say that was??

<hatches evil plan that involves trailer and wife's landrover>

<fx whistle> :cheers:

"... the Lotus Turbo (Esprit) owner will not only be comfortable in fast company, but will find, more often than not, that he has no company at all!" Road and Track magazine

1983 Turbo Esprit - Silver - 'Lottie' Featured in Classic and Sportscar Aug 2008 and Wheeler Dealers.

1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 221,000 miles and counting!

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He was on about restoring it but he's got so much junk I can't see it myself (and he was on about wanting a facelifted late 80's esprit recently instead) so it just got parked up, I think it had clutch problems originally and a smoking engine which failed MOT. I had a poke around it the other week, it is remarkably unmodified, it has avoided the sunroof and other additions that many seem to have, But has suffered badly from water damage, the interior is disgustingly mouldy and the footwells full of water. Both fuel tanks are non existant piles of rust but the chassis still seems very good indeed. It still has 1997 tax disc on the window!

The series one landrover is in the same state, hasnt moved for years but it's a little beauty (why do some people accumulate old landrovers, he has about 5 of them in decrepid states as can be seen!)

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