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Noticed a puddle of oil under the R/F suspenson and upon further inspection, found the damper completely saturated in oil, running onto the floor. Car only has 7k miles on it!

My dilema... these original dampers no longer available so I have to go with the updated Bilsteins through Lotus which seem to have the most development work for the car. I will have to get all 4 of course.

I could also attempt to purchase the last run Eibachs/ Adjustable Bilsteins for bigger money or maybe go with a completely aftermarket set up through PUK?

Any recommendations here?

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Can you go about getting them totally refurbished? I know its probably not recommended by the racing purists on here but I have springs redone like new with excellent results on my 89 and theres people who do dampers as well.

I intend to re do mine this way just so I can keep the original equipment as its special to me. :rant:

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I also have a 2002 Esprit V8 and I blew the front left shock after only 3000km and I have a friend with a 97 that had one of his shocks go as well! The factory shocks on the 2002's are not the best. I purchased the shock and spring setup off of the final run cars and they are 1000 times better. I don't think that you can get a higher quality setup unless you go to a Moton, Penske or Ohlins, setup and then you have the challenge of setting it up properly. I also swapped the sway bar for the one off the Sport 350 (1mm thicker). I'm sure that if you spend the extra money on the final run setup you'll be VERY happy.

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The factory Esprit shocks are absolutely garbage, there must have been some real fights between the engineers and the accountants...

I build my own setup using QA1 double adjustable shocks, wasn't straight forward but improved the car drastically, especially on the race track. I near doubled the spring rate and the ride is not bad, being able to fine tune the shocks makes a big difference.

I'd recommend you look into the factory upgrade that Steve has on his car, I helped him install them and they are very nice pieces. Expensive, more then double what I spent on mine, but considering the factory development worth the money.

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