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Google earth Lotus factory


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Yep sure is. The cars at the front and directly at the back are staff car parks. Starting from the the south and heading north here's a description:

Far South: New Parts Dept

Next complex is part of main factory including the production line and Paint shop and Finishing. Parked directly behind you can see finished cars awaiting transportation.

The next block across the road is again Factory and includes the Tesla Section

Attached to that the next block is main offices.

The next 2 smaller blocks still attached house Design and development (this is where all the secrets are kept).

Just to the North East of this (next to the oval water feature in the North) there are 2 semi-anacoic chambers (sound proofed for testing)

The other large building to the east of the offices are Proton UK's ex-head office (they have now moved to Bristol) and Lotus Engineering.

In between the Track and the factory ( Just slightly South West of the building with the green roof) you can see part of the old 2nd world war COntrol tower which now houses Lotus Sport and the building next to it with the green roof is all part of Sport with lots of service bays, development area's etc. This used to be Colins Aircraft Hanger hpousing his and the company's plane/Helicopter.

If you zoom out you can still see the outline of the original WW2 airfield with just to the North of the North East of the track, one of the few remaining buildings of an aircraft hanger (now owned by the local farmer).

Just to put it all into scale that hanger is huge and used to house B24 Liberator bombers

It's said that Jimmy Stewart flew his plane "Male Call" from Hethel (and down the road at Pulham) and that Walter Mattau served under him. (Confirmed byB-24 best web).

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