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Replace or repair the choke cable?


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My choke cable is getting frayed at a point just before the carburettors. Eventually I'll replace it, but I was thinking I might be able to make it last a bit longer by wrapping some sort of braided wire around it for strength. Would that work?

As to replacing the cable, I think the procedure would be something like this:

1. lay on back with head in footwell; find existing choke cable

2. connect replacement cable to existing cable with string

3. disconnect existing cable from choke

4. from the engine, pull existing cable out - which will also pull the new cable through

5. in footwell, connect new cable to choke

6. connect new cable to carburettors

Is that how it's done?


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Yes, thats how its done :P

If you can get away with it , you might be able to cut the frayed end off the inner cable. Take it off the linkage, cut the fraying off with a sharp pair of pliers, pull it back about 3" in to the cable outer and cut the same amount off the outer cable that you removed from the inner. Then reattach the whole thing back on the carbs. (only do this if the cable will still reach the carbs comfortably) :P

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Mine was snapped when I got my Esprit. I have never had the need to use the choke - But then again I live in a hot climate. I jab the accelerator three times, turn ignition on, make sure I hear the pump and car starts immediately. Every Time <_<

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Hi troy, when you say you removed the choke completely, what did you mean?

did you just not bother to connect it? or lock choke body somehow? mine makes a funny noise when the choke is on it sounds like an old feistas tappets ( noise comes from the carbs not the engine when choke is on) DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS HAPPEN! <_<



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Guest Troy Halliday

No I removed the arm in the interior aswell the carbs are the same. I had always planned on injection system, but it will have to wait for a while as it will cost a few extra pennies <_<

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When I received my '83 the choke cable had no linkage to attach too. During the rebuild my friend suggested making an electric choke. Made sense to me and you replace the 10 foot long cable with two wires. So,how did we do it?

Took the electric door lock motor and switch from a junked Ford Tauras. Attached the motor to the dash pot mount on the back carb. Made a linkage, run the two wires and mount the switch. Looks factory installed.


'83 Turbo

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For cable ends solder(tin) the last 5mm then use model aircraft collars (dubro) on the ends.. they have an allen set screw and come in perfect sizes for small dia cable... Ive used them for years without failure and no more f-d cable ends. Jan

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