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Airbox Mod

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Hi, my airbox is boring and the clips keep coming off.

I want to do something special with it but can't decide what.

Some ideas:

Spray it Union Jack colours

Airbrush the Lotus logo on it

Re shape the box to take a different filter

Replace with K&Ns

Any thoughts or has anyone got any pics of modded ones??


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With the Dellorto's habit of spitting fuel out of the engine due to slight gas blow back I'd aboid the K&N stand alone route. You can end up with a combustible mix of fuel and air where you don't want it which can lead to an engine bay fire.

That's not K&N's fault, it's common to any air filter system that would be exposed to the air outside a partially sealed tract.

CF looks like a good option.


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Hmm, sounds an interesting proposition, never done any cf moulding before but I can see the appeal. I can reduce the overall size to take a different filter, in fact the possibilities are endless.


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