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Light Pod Bracket Replacement

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I need to replace the two brackets that hold the rod the headlight pod pivots around. On mine the plastic bearing has cracked on each side of the driver's pod. On the USA Federal cars the brackets are riveted to the body, with a nut in a crazy hard to reach place under the body, toward the outside edge.

The Service Notes have a page about replacing the brackets. I was wondering if there were any tips/tricks from folks before I head in. Thanks.

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Guest Troy Halliday

I think I know which piece you are talking about. When drilling out the rivets be very carful to drill them out through the centre I know this seems a very obvious thing to say but if you don't then you will get excess play in the rivet and the bracket will move about. If this happens you can always get some very small washers M3 or M4 and use them to as a clamp plate, passing the rivet through the bracket on one side through the washer on the other side and then tightening the rivet. In case you haven't guessed I have had this problem. I would also make sure you have a second person to hand to help you with the bonnet should you have to remove it. Oh and the bars that slide through the bonnet and pod can get a bit corroded making them hard to remove. Do yourself a favour and give them a few squerts of WD40 or the like a couple of times before you do the job.

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I think I know which piece you are talking about.


Thanks, Troy. Exactly the advice I need. The bar should be ok because the mechanic did the passenger side last year. I am inexperienced drilling out rivets so I will be careful there.

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Hi Jeff,when I first got my Esprit 5 years ago I noticed the left hand headlight bouncing around when driving.On investigation the whole pivot point had completely disintegrated leaving a hole about 10mm. across.I cured it by aralditing a penny washer with the correct size hole onto the bodywork,it worked a treat and is still going strong.Also you dont have to get under the wing.

Cheers Paul 84T.

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