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Observations from a Northern monkey


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1. The north test track could do with a new layer of tarmac...was it bombed in the war and never re-surfaced?

2. The factory is a lot more modern than I expected...and a whole lot bigger too

3. Paramedics love ice cream...I know one and he has confirmed this...(what does Norvic mean though?)

4. Hazel Chapman looks good for her age...not that I know how old she is...

5. People in lime green polos are very helpful/friendly

6. Mobile thrones is a great name...the sound of piped music while having a pee in a portakabin was something else

7. Lotus made an absolute killing...I was thinking about bidding for the roundel but i think it would have gone for silly money...if anyone knows and it went for under 500 i dont want to know!!

I was so impressed by the way you could just wander around virtually anywhere...especially on the factory floor...and take photos too...the whole event must have taken some organising...

As I booted it home from the A47 to the A1, in a constant battle with a red Elise (he lost, he had to stop for petrol to fill up his puny tank..haha!) I thought definitely a great day out...the two hour wait was a nightmare but least it wasn't raining B)

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Marge: Homer, I don't want you driving around in a car you built yourself.

Homer : Marge, you can either sit there complaining, or you can knit me some seat belts...

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1) Isn't it supposed to simulate real road conditions, and they're waiting for it to deteriorate a lot more before it achieves this.

2) Did you expect Norfolk to still rely on static steam engines? (If so you're really only a few years out)

3) Lots of adults do, we just don't admit it as it's child like.

4) Calm down. Anybody got a bucket of cold water for him?

5) And a very good idea to make them visible that way.

6) Certainly a lot better than at many events, I didn't avail myself of them but the queus didn't seem that long considering the number of visitors so they must have got the numbers right.

7) I hope it provided some net profit, but more importantly, i hope it provided some good effective publicity to help them promote cars and keep improving their profitability.

I had expected guided tours and being escorted round in groups, but the wander at your own speed was great- ask what yuo want, spend as much time as you want. Great approach.

My feet ache, my legs ache, my head aches (due to the spoiler on a certain black car), all because it was such a great day with lots to see so you had to kep moving if you wanted to get round lots of it.

Glad you enjoyeed the day, and the drive. Did you not like the secondary carpark that was badged as the A11?


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