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Big thanks from all at LEC

Dave Eds

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to Bibs, Kimbers, and all at LEF for your huge contributions to making the weekend truly memorable and thoroughly enjoyable for all of us at LEC who were lucky enough to share with you. From the Hotel group booking to the Friday Curry and Social Club Evening, MJK and Peter Stevens at Dunstan, The BBQ, various convoys, drinks in the bar, and chats at The Event, we salute you!

Here's to many more joint get togethers! ;)


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Hear hear mate ;)

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Been trying to work out which thread to say a big thanks to Bibs, Laura, Kimbers and all involved in making it a really superb weekend.

Emma and I had a great weekend.

I understand the frustration of those who took so long to get in but once inside there was masses to see.

Mark - mine was shiny but I think your black V8 was the muts so well done on the award

Kimbers - I think you owe me a beer for trying to lead Em down the Evora ownership road... ;)

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As above - big thanks from Angie & myself.

Hotel was excellent, company was okay, drive was great, BBQ with the Evora preview was well worthwhile, and the only problem on the Sunday (apart from the volume of traffic) was that i could have spent another day there to do it all justice.

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;) Sorry Barrie. I think you're stuffed on that one!

To LEC I would say thanks for coming. It was a great event and it was great that the 2 groups integrate so well. Bibs organised the Hotel and stuff. The social club thanked you all for drinking so much! Infact they liked you all so much they have given me a standing invitation to both LEF and LEC to drink there whenever we wish.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Although we missed out on the Dunstan Hall shenanigans (travel, hotel full) we had a great weekend - a big thank you to everyone involved. It was also great to put so many faces to names, it being my first LEF event.

Sorry to hear there were quite a few hot and bothered Loti as a result of the queuing. As for mine, we had a great drive back to Scotland and she never missed a beat - which was fortunate as I discovered my AA membership had expired when I got home.

Thanks for the complement Barrie, although I still think your Essex deserved an honorable mention.

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Well as another LEF and LEC member, many thanks from me too - long may the collaborations continue. Once we were over our agitation due to the entry queue, Fran and I had a great time, really enjoyed catching up with everyone LEF/LEC/SLOC and Autobahnstormers as well as seeing all that was on display. Also special thanks to Dan B for transporting our honey and fudge all the way to the factory and entertaining us for half an hour before we left on the challenges and joys of beekeeping.

Cheers all! ;) Mike

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Thanks to everybody in LEC and LEF (and Lotus) who made this such a great weekend. It was worth the 1200 mile round-trip drive to & from Aberdeen. We got back around 7 last night, having set off just before 9am (didn't see hedgerley).

The Elan performed well, despite me not having had time to do anything to it before setting off. It didn't overheat in the 1&1/2 hour queue to get into Hethel during the trip from Dunston Hall (thanks to the mod of a manual over-ride fan switch), it hiccupped occasionally (which has been diagnosed in the bar as coils on the way out, so I'm sure that's right), and on the way home there was an annoying vibration above about 50 which I think is wheel bearings (wheels were balanced 2 weeks ago).

We didn't get a chance to see everybody, and although we introduced ourselves to some new friends from LEC and LEF, we certainly didn't meet everybody. I've put some photos here. It's password protected, so you'll need to use the name lotuselancentral and the password jecuk if you want to have a look.


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I agree with everything that has been said. I've always felt very welcome when I have joined in with LEF organised events & this weekend was no exception.

I found the whole weekend highly enjoyable & look forward to the next time we all get together.

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From my view I'd like to pass a huge thank you the other way to the Elan guys. On the Friday night at Dunston, most of the Esprit crew hadn't yet arrived. Joined up with the Elan guys for the evening and had a hugely enjoyable time. Thank you all.




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Yup. Im with you on that one Matt.Thanks too all at LEC for allowing us to be part of a fabulous Friday evening. Sarah and I had a great time. What a great bunch you all are.

Special thanks to Gareth and Kim for thier company, Dave Eds as always, Simon, Alwyn, Sarah and all of the LEC gang.

Additionally and no less importantly. Massive thanks to Bibs, Laura et all for all of the massive effort behind the scenes that allowed us to have yet another fabulous weekend with you all.

Happy days.

Thank you all.

Paul & Sarah

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think that should just about cover it......

if not......

what a chuffin brill weekend......LEF/LEC combo works a treat.....

Paul+Sarah thanks for your company......Kimbers, Matt, Bibs......the rest of the LEF........

yer all starts.....and helped make a great weekend into an absolutely brilliant weekend


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(Albert Einstein  14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


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