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Bigsi's new car


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I'd like to make a final comment on this thread. I’m don’t want to comment on anything else, as you know my feelings on the matter (MY feelings. Not that of a cliquey group which doesn't exist).

What I would like to do is address Simons’ personal attack on Bibs’ character.

I have many friends on and off LEF but I have only one other who I would consider as good a friend as Bibs (and Laura). He’s selfless, generous and giving to a point that makes me look like Ebaneezer Scrooge and that’s a good thing as it has made me more giving in the process. He’s never turned me away when I needed a place to stay, never shied from buying 2 rounds to my one and knows my whole family intimately.

As for what else he does, well, we don’t get paid to moderate. We do it for free to help him out because of the huge amount of housekeeping that this site takes up. Something Bibs does for free, even to the point of affecting his work. But he still does it. (add the 6 mods on site work load together and it comes to a tenth of what he does)

However, he also owns the site. It’s his! He could charge

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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