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Engine Coolant Tell Tale


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Hi Guys

Just had the tell tale coolant lamp come on today. Not flashing but constant. Coolant level is OK and water temperature gauge in normal range. Has any one had this happen before?

I checked the owners manual which states that on the V8 a high temperature warning is indicated by a flashing tell tale rather than steady lighting which shows low coolant level indicator.

Can only think that the coolant level sender has broken. Does anyone know where this sensor is located? Is it the long tube that drops into the header tank?

Thanks in advance


99 V8 GT

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Yes, the long tube that screws into the header tank is the level sensor. As you will see on the other thread, I lost a whole header tank of water on my newly acquired V8-GT 2 weeks ago. Problem was a petrified and split cap gasket, now sorted.

However, the light stayed on when I filled up the tank and I suspected the electrics to - however the float had stuck in its tube. In fact, when I removed it it was filled with gunk from the system, was dirty brown in colour and generally a mess. Several runs under a hot water tap and lots of shaking removed the muck and got the float moving.

I plan to have the whole system flushed out at the next service and refilled as to be honest, it was like mud and sand in there. God knows what the insides of the collant circuit look like.

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As described snuffy. I removed the float tube from the header tank, prised the end off and gave it a good clean including the float until it could move on the shaft OK, reassembled and glued the base on and so far, no coolant warning light. 

I should mention that the tank level is correct, the temp gauge works as expected and the fans cut in as it gets hot (around 95) so I'm sure that was the cause of the tell-tale light coming on.

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10 year old thread Steve. Might be awhile until the posters are back. :)

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The same thing just happened to my 99 V8. Red tell tale. The tech found that the radiator cap was bad, I think it was missing the rubber gasket.

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