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Car won't idle when warm


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If I can find something to replace it with with 4 seats or 2+2 then it has to go unfortunately. Next week Iam going to test drive a couple of cars.

I'll only part with my Esprit if I find something that will ticked most boxes. I am thinking 911 or Maserati 3200 or 4200. Don't get me wrong, I am not strapped for cash nor need to part immediately. I've already booked my 09 holidays etc but as in life priorities change and I feel that I'd like to take things easy and enjoy life!

Think I found your car, Dave. Lambo "Estoque."

(Or, you could buy "his 'n her" Evoras!) :)

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Hi Peter and all,

Can someone please help me. I can't seem to reset my ECU according the long term values. I keep getting -6.25% on one bank and -3% on other as soon as I reconnect the ECU back up.

I've unplugged the ECU totally from harness since yesterday midday!

Am I doing something wrong? Should I try the other way of keeping the harness on with battery connected and unplug the 5A ECU fuse?

I've done this just now anyway until someone comes back to me.

I've tried another ECU and car works fine, so Iam assuming a fault with mine. I am making plans tomorrow to send it off to have fixed like Ian May just has.

It just made me think this evening to try Peter's suggestion of making sure I get zero on my long term trim cycle. There may be just a chance that my ECU just needs resetting properly and it's not faulty?

Is it worth a trip to my main dealer and get it reset via a tech1 or am I clutching at straws here?

Dave Walters

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i think, if there is an capacitor in it -he can't be real big. After unplugging of the battery just for half'n hour it lost the calibration settings on mine. Or my ECM is just to old inside ... !? (as an capacitor can lost its 'capacity' over the years)

hope you get it sorted, especially as you still plan to sell it :) !?

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That's a difficult one Dave. I don't know what the cost is to repair the ECU.

Getting access to a 'Tech 1' would allow you to reset the ECU and will also give you information on the Idle Air control valve duty cycle. However, the outcome might just be that the ECU is F....d. In which case the costs for the use of the Tech 1 will be wasted.

Just out of interest, when you powered you ECU back up after leaving it disconnected for hours, did the short term trim values get reset?



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Hi Peter,

Didn't check the short term trim values but last time I checked they were always on zero.

I know what you mean about wasted money on the Tech 1 in a main dealer only to tell me my ECU is faulty has been playing on my mind. The mystery is that I've never had an engine check light on with the problem and it's not always there.

Based on what someone has told me, it's about

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If Brian isn't available, just call Lotus and ask for 'Technical' and Dave Massey et al will be able to assist :)

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Evora NA

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Hi Bibs,

thanks for the heads up but I emailed and spoke to Brian on Friday. He's already been quite involved with this and another issue which you know about.

Brian's been extermely helpful and it's nice to have one point of contact at Lotus.

Should Brian not be contactable by Tues then I'll contact Dave.

Thanks again Bibs!


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