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ecu harness connector


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hello fellas,

got me 00 v8 last week,

flushed all the fluids and fixed couple leaks,

changed all the filters (k&n air)

so far runs great but my opinion lacks the

super car power it deserves

so the 1st upgrade I am doing is after market ECU

and charge coolers,

I need some info on the ecu conector where can I find one

so I can build me a jumper harness,

don't wana cut the existing plug to splice in the harness,

I wana be able to switch to my existing ecu if I want to,

thats y I wana make it plug & play,

thanx in advance


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Hi Tony R,

The original ECU-connector is a Bosch-Type. However the ECU itself is a EFI. Its a company in Italy who manufactures these ECUs.

Actually it is already an "aftermarket" free programmable ECU ... why removing it ?




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well I am new to the v8 world,

still have lots of home work to do,

I want something that I can just conect the laptop and change maps when needed

and fine tune & squese as much as I can safely from the engine,

I have after market ECU on some of my cars and love them AEM(favorite), hondata & microtech,

where can I download the software for real time adjustment's & data loging?

any more info or part #'s on the ecu or harness conector?

or web site of the manufacturer would be great

thanx again


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  • Gold FFM;publication=1

*switch to english*

there are many pin's in the harness-connector unused in the Lotus application. The numbers are documented in the workshop-book.


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Hi Peter,

No, not yet. The way we do the resetting is still via Tech1 ...

Putting in new codes is still done by replacing the eeproms.




Have you manage to get hold of the information allowing the ecu to be re-flashed via the OBDII connector?




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Thanx Tie,

minor fixes and leaks I fixed in one afternoon

and the car runs just like new,

I am very impresed with the car, he realy took good care of it

turned out much better than the pics and description he gave,

plus local and made a new friend,

great guy

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I got a ton of pics of YOUR car myself!

Just when I was getting serious he told me he sold it...

If you ever want to unload the wheel adapters let me know!!

That was one of the best looking ones I have seen, glad it turned out to be a nice car!!

Looking for a 94 95 S4

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I plan to keep the adapters in case I wana do a similar work on my S4 in future,

engineering costs more than copying them I belive, if u want I can check with a local machine shop

to c how much they can copy them for,

let me know

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