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S3 Chassis Welding

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Hi Everyone

Sitting around in the empty engine bay of my S3 Esprit Turbo I noticed the following:

Clearly some welding needs to be done here. I'm considering using 316 Stainless rods, simply because of rust, but I'm not sure it'll work with the chassis.

So please advice me on arc welding the Chassis:

1) What kind of preweld surface preperation must be done on the chassis?

2) Arc Welding; what kind of rods is best to use?

3) Post weld: Just cover with nomal antirust paint?

Kind regards


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Hi Brandt,

I'm doing a big repair job on my chassis and I'm using SS tube and plate for the repair.

As your chassis is galvanized you need to grind off the zinc surface prior to weld, and it is very toxic too so wear a mask.

Regarding welding rods, for what i know if you want to use mild steel for the repair I suggest to use normal rods for the job.

My metalworker told me that the SS rods and special alloy rods are a must but only for welding different types of steel/materials.

Finally, I don't know which type of repair needs your chassis (tubes/plate) but I would use only TIG technique and not arc weld.

Please, put some pics as the link is not working.

Hope this help.



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hi brandt

cant open the pics either- tig or mig welding is the only answer on any chassis areas.

the best place to have this done is at a light engineering -there will be plenty in you area.the best guys would probably be a sheet type welding eg braai manufacturer.they will understand the thinner metals better than a heavy steel girder manufacturer for example.

the steel used on the chassis is galv and i think about 18 guage.try to clean around the affected area with a good degreaser-maybe even a high pressure cleaner.

see the type of work they do(try that daljusafat area) and make a time with the guy to take the car in.they normally charge a couple of bucks and do an excellent job.

once welded,buy a small tin of zinc spray and coat the area-not too thick.also try to get inside ie underside of the weld.brush a hammerite over the area for long term protection(available at builders warehouse.



Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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