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Clutch fading

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Dear All, I hope you can advice me with the following.

At this moment i have the current situation with my car.

Car. 1980 Esprit S2.2 n/a (45.000 kilometres)

The clutch hose is still the red plastic one, and the slave cylinder is slightly moist.

The adjuster screw on the release fork is corroded, and seems to be at the end bare 2 centimetres.


When driving and putting down full power, the clutch will slip.

When car is warmed up, it won't get into reverse.


Unknown, just bought the car.

But a clutch should not be worn after only 45.000 km.

Now as the slave cylinder and plastic hose are considered weak points, I'm hoping naturally that

the replacements can solve the problem. Though this does seems illogical to me.

Can it be so that when the slave cylinder wears out, it will not return to the fully retracted position?

Or what other possibility's are there? (of course replacing the clutch)

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you know whether the clutch or the hydraulics are messing around-there is a slipping clutch .this slipping,i am sure ,is not over the last couple of k's and therefore i would decide to budget for the full house.

do the hydraulics first and see where you are at.thereafter make the call on the plates.

see ya


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But I can't see a leaky cylinder or hose issue causing the clutch to slip under load, unless it's not releasing fully or is badly adjusted.

When you replace teh slave cylinder, make sure you adjust the clutch push rod as per the later cars (early specified a fixed distance for the adjuster, later setting meant worn clutch could give more life).

But, I think you'll find that the slipping will either be clutch worn to the end of its life, or contaminated with fluid, either way, a replacement is required.


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As you have just bought the car you don't know how it's been treated so anything is possible. Thus I would start with the cheap fixes first. Although a clutch could wear out in 45,000 km if treated badly enough, the fact that reverse becomes difficult to engage when the car is warm and the slave cylinder is moist around the seal points to the clutch needing bleeding. It may be that this has been a problem for a while and the clutch was adjusted to compensate leading to it slipping.

I would start by carefully bleeding the clutch and adjusting the pushrod and seeing if that makes life easier. If reverse is still difficult to engage, the crossgate cable may need adjustment. This controls how the side to side movement is applied at the gearbox. At the right hand side of the gearbox near the back is a bell crank to which the cable attaches via a clevis pin. Undo the locknut and unscrew the cable connection into the end piece a turn or two. Re-tighten the locknut and see if that has helped the reverse gear selection.

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Thanks all, for the advice,

I'm planning to do the whole thing.

Red hose replacement, slave cylinder and clutch package.

First thing now is where to get a good deal on the parts.

I hope LEF membership will help a bit.

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Hi Garp,

Congrats with your LHD 2.2 (one of the five existing)

It's a good thing that you will do the hole package. Are you planning to resto the complete car?

It is too good & rare to let neglect.

A very good address for parts and advise is



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Yes I'm planning to get it back to restore it as much as possible.

It's simply to original to modify,

For me left to do;

- Clutch replacement

- Swap the red hose for a braided version (although this is not so original)

- New clutch slave cylinder

- Find a new electric clock (placed in between sun visors)

- Replace RH steering gator (got a new original replacementpart)

- Throttle cable replacement

- Reset Carbs

- Rebalance wheels

- Aircobelt, and refilling airco system (not a priority at the moment)

- Refurbishing RH sunvisor

- RH gas strut of the engine compartment missing (LH is Stabilus 093602 0308180 0280N)

- And as sufficient cash is available, repaint exterior to original A06 code

- And some other tiding up

So still a bit to do,

So if anybody has some advice on one of these things, please let me know,

Especially where to find a new clock?

Or what is a good adhesive to refurbish the RH sun visor?

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