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Le Mans '09


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Apologies for starting this thread a bit early for next year, but being that Le-Mans is such a massive event in the car callender, I thought it might be prudent to see who is interested in going to next years race.

firstly i started this damn thread last year, and ended up not going to this years event, so to put myself fimly in the frame I am definitely going.......

bibs i know is also another le-Mans regular, so i am hoping that we can get a sizable group together to convoy down, intial thoughts would be welcome. my dates are normally Thursday am through Calais and coming back Sunday pm.

ATM early numbers suggest about 7/10 cars going from S.E. Essex, Southend and surrounding areas. These are not all Esprits, so it will be pretty varied.


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See ya there! We'll probably head down on Thursday, back on Monday again :innocent:

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ferry on the thursday (travelling with my esprit and an NSX), staying with speedchills at one of the campsites. going on to stuttgart on the monday, engine expo 09 exhibiting with our motorbike fuel injection, back via nurburgring on the friday, if everything follows plan.


............. that's fightingtorque!!!

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What ferry are you on Thursday Gav?

Anyone staying in Dover/Folkstone Wednesday night? We are at the Holiday in express and will be going out for a beer and chinese/curry if anyone is up for it?

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What ferry are you on Thursday Gav?

Anyone staying in Dover/Folkstone Wednesday night? We are at the Holiday in express and will be going out for a beer and chinese/curry if anyone is up for it?

probably late morning - leaving from Norfolk in the am. I guess you are catching an early ferry, unless the beer/ curry situation gets a bit out of hand!

obviously it isn't booked yet, nor is it completely clear from the correspondance which one of my associates is actually tasked with booking the ferry crossings..........

............. that's fightingtorque!!!

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sea france at 11.15 am tomorrow (thursday).

jobs for today- get 2 new tyres fitted and pick up a new water level sensor from stratton motors (no time to mess about trying to get a 205gti one that might be 20 quid cheaper but depends if its abs model or not.........)

............. that's fightingtorque!!!

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I got my car back together about 2 weeks before Le Mans, although because of my gouty knee I was only able to put about 300 miles on it in that time. Considring the following work list it was therefore with some trepidation that I hit the road at 6am in the p155ing rain on the Thursday.

Tasks done:

Radiator out, repaired a leak, put back in, still have a leak sometimes, depending on radweld. (SJ now has an ali one for about 450GBP, worth a look but one month leadtime)

New grille mesh.

New brake fluid.

New clutch master cylinder.

New cambelt tensioner and aux belts.

Removed, resealed and replaced cam towers.

New exhaust (SJ sportscars, reasonably pleased with it esp. for the price).

New interior mirror.

New headlights (3 done, one to go, replaced because of corrosion).

'BiXenon' bulbs in outers. Lights still not a lot of cop on dipped.

Chinese ebay HID for inners, only done one so far, serious amount of light although haven't driven it much in the dark.

Changed oil and filter, new water/ antifreeze.

Improved insulation / heat shielding for chargecooler.

New rear tyres (Toyo Proxes again, ordered from as usual).

New water level sensor.

That took about 6 weeks.

So the trip: engine check light and also water level light (intermittently) came on on the M25 which didn't bode well. I didn't realise at the time but the two may be related, temp was all good, probably just a bit of air bled through, topped it up, cleared the fault, neither issue reappeared on the trip.

Car then ran without problem to Le Mans (convoy with friend in NSX), then to Stuttgart for an exhibition (that leg was 300 miles motorway+250 miles selected twisty roads, excellent drive even though there was a fair bit of rain at times.). Then back from Stuttgart motorway all the way nice high speeds and some fun with a guy in a brand new Ferrari 599.

Car got plenty of attention and respect everywhere it went, I was pleased.

Did a short section on unrestricted autobahn, conditions (traffic & weather) not ideal, saw 120-130 a couple of times though.

Really enjoyed driving it, it's just the kind of trip for an Esprit.

Trip was 1600 miles + a little bit by the time I was home.

Had intended to visit the Nurburgring also but some corporation had booked it up the only day I had free.

Other commitments permitting, will try to go again next year.



............. that's fightingtorque!!!

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Glad you had a good time, and the car behaved itself. You are right about the water level light and engine check being connected, they are. I had a rad failure in Jan. I got an upgrade with stainless frame from Geoff at Esprit engineering, takes about 2 weeks to get.

Does your S4 have V8 wheels? If so I think I saw you at a service area on the Monday afer Le Mans on my way home.

My mates TR8 suffered head gasket failure and when he got it back this week it turned up on a transporter with an Aston and an Esprit both with burned out clutches due to burn outs in Arnage. Anyone want to own up to that one?

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