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Best location for CD changer?

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Hi, my CD Changer is located in the boot on the uppermost concave section reserved for a wheel in case of a puncture. I don

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Well mine is just behind the passenger seat bolted to the wall. Its more padded there. I think most are located here? I dont have too many problems but it will skip if theres a sharp pot hole or something like a judder bar feel. Otherwsie its good.

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You should try some Shakin' Stevens, much less likely to skip! Your changer is in a common location but is there not room on top of the rear arches, I've seen a few installed there I'm sure? Also, it's very easy just to take it out and put it in a box in the garage to be replaced if required in the future.

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It's not your location, it's more likely the method. I can't recall the name but you need dampener fastenings, like miniature exhaust mounts two independent studs with rubber in the middle. Dumb PO put mine in the front, it's OK now I've used plenty of foam tape, but when I get enthusiastic it's going in the back, (come to think of it I might just check the removal roof still fits first)


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I too have the MP3 option.. you save about 2 or 3 kgs in weight.. and you can store more files on a CDRW which you can erase and re burn and as often as you like, and they don't skip!

If you really want to keep the CD changer, then see if you can fit it in the front compartment somewhere. I had one there 10 years ago before Mp3's were about.

The suspension at the front is softer than at the back, so it will skip less. Worked for me.

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Only trouble with seat option is that your passenger won't thank you for it. The seat is restricted in how far it will be able to slide back with a rigid plastic box behind it and if the passenger is anything other than a short *rse, they'll have the knees up round their ears.

Stick the changer under the front compartment on the n/s (UK cars) inner wheelarch curve. You can even use the grommet for the abs module to pass the cable through the bulkhead.

Or if you do decide to chuck it in the skip, the headunit will still work just fine.

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CD changers are so 90's...

I must get more up to date. Out with those old CD things

For the right price I might be induced to part with my 8 Track tape player (currently in the '74 Europa), complete with "period music" collection. :)

It never "skipped."

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the most neutral axis is in the middle of the car. Bud that gives other problems (seat rails, backrest -as sugested..). My CD-changer (an not Alpine/Lotus system) was/is installed by previous owner as replacement for the Lotus OEM tool-set. It's mounted (looks as if it's done with some additional soft adhesive glue !?) on the heater matrix/ventilation box in the front compartment.

by the way, the MP-3 option sounds fantastic - much more 'special agent' like. The Esprit should be ready for the future !!!


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