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The official Lotus Esprit exhaust "sound and video" page!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you... The official Lotus Esprit exhaust sound and video clip page!

For a long time now, I have seen it asked many times for people to post videos or sounds of their exhaust whenever there is something done that is not stock. I have been collecting these videos for a while and decided to link to the ones that are still online somewhere and the ones that weren't, I re-uploaded them to youtube, complete with details on the setup that the car is running. This is all in order to help someone who is still undecided on what they want the final sound of their car's exhaust to sound like, should they be going with a custom setup.

As it says on the page, if any of the videos are unavailable or down, please let me know and I can re-upload them as I have backups on my home computer. If you have any that you would like added, please post them to youtube and then provide me with a link on this thread and I can get it posted to the list!


p.s. A link to this page will be in the LEF wiki.

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Thanks Shadeone! I wish I could have heard all that two weeks ago.I just did my exhaust yesterday on my 90 SE.I went with Magnaflow cat and muffler 2.5 inch pipe.Im extremely happy,really nice deep tone(could stand to be a little louder),Im thinking of removing the muffler!Here in So.Cal. we need the cat.

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Nice work Jamie!

I must put some footage of mine together.


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Hey shade,

Here are some S1 clips on YouTube:

If you don't mind the background music, here are two clips of my S1 with Dellortos, test pipe, and a stainless sport exhaust intended for a Giugiaro Turbo Esprit (I forget whether it's from Dave Bean or JAE):

At 0:54 in this video is a close-up of same car/setup revving at idle:

Exact same silencer on a Dellorto-equipped S1 with different cam timing, jetting, and a hollowed original Lotus catalyst:

Gavin's S1 with Dellortos and stock-style replacement exhaust (uncertain of exact model). Includes exhaust-only close-up at around 1:27:



Tony K. :)


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