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[FOR SALE] Lotus Bilstein/Eibach Adj Suspension For Sale


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I am selling a full set of Bilstein Dampers and Eibach Springs having come off of a 2004 Lotus Esprit. I installed these on my '02, but it was in an accident (Suspension not damaged or even touched...) and therefore now for sale. The suspension set has less than 5,000 miles of use. They have all been checked by my local Lotus mechanic and are in great working condition. I understand from my local Lotus dealer, and previous pricing I received from JAE in the U.S., that these are going for $4,000 to $4,400, new, depending on the area and dealership. I will sell the complete set for $2500 OBO + shipping. Should you find interest, please PM me or email at [email protected] I will post pix, or can sent them to you directly.


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I don't think so... If you give a quick call to Lotus, they'd immediately tell ya, but as for as I know... no.

BTW, due to the upgrade that Lotus sells (non-adjustable and definitely not superior to this setup!) is at $1700-$1900, I've lowered the price to $1700 for these. If interested, PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks....

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They should fit any Esprit from 1985 onwards as the mountng is the same.

They will just be valved for the heavier V8 and dont look adjustable for damping, only ride height.

Also the springs will be harder than ideal due to them being for a V8 weight.

Still if you like the ride very firm I see no probems with them.

Chunky Lover

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Don't know the spring rates used on the 04my Esprits but the enquiries were about fitment to an 88 and a GT3 both of which are lighter cars than the V8.

Hence the V8 springs would be matched to the weight of the V8 car.

Think Kato fitted the S350 suspension to his SE and then swapped it off as he didn't like the ride quality/hardness.

Only place you'd get the exact info would be the factory, although I'm sure they'd be reluctant to give out the info that they have spent so much money on developing.


Chunky Lover

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