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Hi gang

Saw this the other day. Very tempting as the Euro is still stronger than the greenback.

Can one of you find out more about this car ?

Is maybe sombody from that area that can take a closer look ?



Mind if I cut in ?

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Typo? If not, that car is under half price by a long way!

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Price is way low.... I would suspect a scam. Notice there is no other information other than serial number which is clearly visible on the front windscreen. Any person could snap those pics and place an ad. SCAM!

Personally, I stay away from this deal...

"If the price is too good to be true it probably isn't"

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Might have been badly dented and repared.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Looks very much like a car that was/is for sale in Southern California

Suspect it's a scam, but FWIW I've driven this car and it's a beast! I think the asking was ~$34K

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