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been looking for a project for a couple of weeks,i came across a series 2 lotus europa, bit rough but runs,they really are a bit quirky looking,but unusual as well in my opinion,should i be blacklisted?for turning my back on the esprit which i love so much ( JUST HAD SEVERAL MUGS OF MERLOT)

any body know about europas ,europus,europases oh hell back to the winnnnnnnnnnne

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Main model points.

S1 = Renault engine, chassis / subframe gelled in as part of the body. Big rear buttresses.

S2 = Renault engine, chassis/ subframe can be removed (helps insurance rating due to cost of repairs). Same big butresses.

TwinCam = Original Lotus Twin Cam engine (ford block same as Cortina, Elan etc), bit longer, reduced butresses.

Special (sometimes referred to as JPS special, but only if in correct colours) = Same engine but with BIG VALVES, giving extra power (allegedly, although some say it was a marketing ploy as same power already achieved with other mods).

Mine's not black & gold, so not JPS, it's going to be yellow with dark green interior, when i get round to it.

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Further detail to Andy's list of Europa models.

The early Twin Cams had the Renault 352 four speed transaxle. The Specials had a Renault 356 five-speed box. There also are a cars labelled as Twin Cams that have the five speed.

The five speed transaxle is supposedly stronger and better able to handle torque loads. At least that was the rationale that Lotus used for not putting the 126 bhp, Weber carb version of the Big Valve in the early Twin Cams. Mine, for example, has the four speed and Stromberg carbs. It is mildly tweaked with no gearbox issues. Still, the five speed version in the Special is the preferred transaxle.


'97 V8

'73 Europa TC

'10 Elise SC

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Mine's one of the four speed 352 in a Special, but it will gain a fifth gear when it gets the NG9 box instead.

Special edition? Wasn't that the one with rover metro gti wheels fitted as standard??

I have said to andy on many occassions, that i can't help but have a look at his europa every time i am at his - they definately have a presence! If i were to get one, i think i would paint it sprint green straight away because they look awesome in that colour!!


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My first Lotus love...

for me one of the best car ever made.

Go to:

best place to get original and improved spares for all Europa models, and: best Europa informations site.



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I had an S2.....basically coz I prefered the styling rather than the chopped sides of the twink version

and I was never gonna buy and S1 with its bonded chassis...



ps good choice :P

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Europa :P the car that started my love of Lotus!

If I'd got the cash (and space) I would have a classic Europa

Wot he said!

A neighbour had a new JPS with oatmeal interior when I was at my most impressionable (early '70s). Been a Lotus fan ever since.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Yep, the Europa was my first Lotus love too! Why??? They are sort of ugly... but: there is truth in the old teaching adage that "things first learned are longest remembered." Since the Europa was the first Lotus I ever saw (I think I was 5), to me, an Europa IS Lotus. Although I never finished the restoration on my 73JPS, I figure when I finish paying for my V8 I'll get a complimentary Europa!

Those of you who recognize that one never finishes paying for an Esprit will realize the futility of my statement :)

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If you do a search for NYLOC and post in the non members bit we have a couple of guys locally who are real specialists on Europas. Might be able to give you advice and parts sources etc.


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Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

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2000 Elise Sport 160

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I want one! They're ace :)

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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They're brilliant! (although i am somewhat biased!)

Basically a small Esprit - much easier to work on though!

Light and agile (its a Lotus so how else would it handle?!!) Parts are pretty cheap and there are a number of sources for upgrades that improve the reliability of the originals (twin link rear suspension kit from Banks is the single best improvement you can make to an original Europa).

Alternatively you can go down the modify route - can't really convert a Europa into a 47 - chassis and body are both rather different although if your pockets are deep enough you could still buy all of the parts required to build a full 47...

Alternative is to go to Banks near Southport for one of their chassis' - stick with the longitudinally mounted engine/gearbox and you'll end up with a very reliable, extremely capable road/track car - just don't get too carried away with the spec....!

I've got an S2 that my parents bought new in 1971 - Rebuilt it as a Banks racer with a 1.6 Vauxhall 8 valve and 5 speed Renault. - All the original bits are carefully stored just incase i ever want to return it to factory (not likely as its just too much fun!)


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All i meant was that there aren't very many common parts between a Europa and a 47 - even less with a 62! Although they look very similar even the bodyshells are different...

You can get 47 replica shells (moulded from an original 47) from Banks as well as 62 style shells like the one that has been used on that silver car. - The original 62's are far better looking though and where basically a test bed for the Lotus LV220/240 engine - so has a small place in the story behind the engine that most people have in their Esprits.....

I worked at Banks for a few years and have seen every variation of the Europa including 47's and one of the two original 62's built, for a group of cars that do look remarkably similar the number of differences between the different models/type numbers are unbelievable!

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I'm fairly sure the running gear was in a GT40 replica many years ago - something happened to it i think and he rebuilt it into the Silver Europa based car that you see in the pics... Pretty nice all the same tho, has a certain "presence" about it!

What the real 62 looks like.....


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