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I am now officially between jobs as I finished my last day yesterday. I start my new job on Monday 3rd of November and can't wait.

I will be spending this week with the family as it is half term in our area, and as it's Thomas' birthday on Tuesday, we'll be spending a bit of time visiting various places (the Space Centre near Leicester is one).

Of course, the worst thing is, that last night, I had my leaving do.....lots of rum and cokes and a shot of vodka (from me Polish ex-colleague) and today, I was at the birthday party at LaserZone, and then taking his younger brother to another party elsewhere in town afterwards.

If my head wasn't hurting before, it sure was after.

I don't think I planned that very well, but who cares? Cheers. :)

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Good luck with the new job mate...

I am also to be unemployed by this Friday but with noting solid in the pipeline as of yet I guess I'm semi retired @ age 32 :)

Just gotta tell the bank now that I'm not paying the mortgage as of now....! Making a stand against the system...!!! LOL

Chunky Lover

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seems to be catching this......

Ive been sat at home for 4 weeks now with nothing yet appearing on the horizon.....

I may need to naff off to Oz or Ireland for a bit....before I need to claim off the state........argh!!!!

wish this government and the worlds financial institutions had been.....well more responsible.... :)

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The Faster You Drive...The Slower You Age

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What are the Dragon thingys at the bottom of your page ?

Dunno, I haven't quite figured it out, I like them though. I think you create a hoarde (is that the right thing for a collection of dragons?) for the sake of it.

Anyway, they seem to have disappeared from my sig for the time being (although that might just be for me, seeing as I'm now using my home PC rather than my old work one)

I'll have to look into it!

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