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freescan compatability


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I'm sure Bibs had freescan running under XP on his laptop. It's probably more a case of getting the right USB-Serial adaptor if you have no serial port on your laptop as standard which most now don't. I think it's is fair to say though Freescan runs less well the later the version of windows you use. Bib's did also have some cables at one point, if not you'll need to look on LEW for one.

Martyn :)

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the operating systems on our lap tops is windows xp and windows there a way to get freescan to run with either?

Freescan will run with both systems, but if you have the older serial ALDL lead, the a laptop running either system is unlikely to have a serial port so you will need a USB to serial adapter as suggested above. Take note though that only very few USB to serial adapters will work because of the non-standard baud rate, do a search I'm sure the info on which ones to use is on here somewhere!

Oh and Freescan can work very well on later operating systems with a few driver tweeks.



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Did you download the drivers?

I've got it working on XP and Vista on a good number of machines now, no probs at all :)

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I'm running Freescan on XP without any problems, bought the USB kit from LEW but had issues with getting it to work initially. Was told it needed to connect to a Comm port no higher than 9, after a bit of uninstalling until No.9 became free it has worked fine


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Would a PCMCIA serial adapter work for the ALDL lead?

Yes I'm running Freescan on a XP Laptop with a serial cable and a PCMCIA serial card. The reason I have this setup is that I build/bought (andy whitaker interface) everything before Bibs started selling his USB converter cables.


Esprit Freak

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OK...I have just received my USB to ALDL lead from LEF Shop ...(its very nice with its posh plug so you can hop in and out of the car without getting under the dash all the time), I have downloaded the drivers and setup the COM port as COM 1 and as directed by the setup guide. XP says its all working fine and after re installing freescan a few times it now starts without errors....but thats it. No interaction with the car!!

is there something obvious that in my enthusiasm to talk to the ECU I have missed?

Twitter @radioRedwards

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