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[FOR SALE] Esprit V8 - Breaking


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Nearly all parts available on this car. Engine comes out next week.





Engine Loom

Shell (Provisionally sold)


Brembo front (SOLD) and rear brakes

Interior Cream Leather (SOLD)

Seats Cream Leather

Glass Sunroof (SOLD)

Tailgate (SOLD)

High Level Wing c/w brake light (SOLD)

Rear Bumper (SOLD)

Rear Valance (SOLD)

Doors inc frames (SOD)

Mirrors (SOLD)

Rear lights and middle panel

Cats (SOLD)

Sports exhaust (SOLD)

Petrol Tanks

ABS Controller (SOLD)

Brake Master cylinder (SOLD)

Clutch master

Clutch slave

Wheel arch extentions (SOLD)

Wheels (may have full set of AWI's)

Spare wheel


Headlight Pods (SOLD)

Bonnet (SOLD)

Side Sills

Engine Cover

Boot Floor (SOLD)

Various electrical

Headlight Delay Controller (SOLD)

Rear 1/4 panels over tanks (SOLD)

Rear Spoiler Lip (SOLD)

Front Valance (Provisionally Sold)

Steering Wheel (Provisionally Sold)

Pictures to follow. Email [email protected]

Selling a V8 rear wing in excellent condition with high level brake light. Will need painting as it's already body coloured.

Offers over

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Full Interior will be perfect for anyone with a fire damage interior or an Esprit owner wanting to do a facelift dash upgrade. Will work best for S4 to early V8 owners as most of electrics will already be in place. Includes dash, centre console, door cards, A pillars, buttons, dials.

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Hi Chris,

No, nothing missing. It's got a few cracks but it's all intact. It would make great project for someone. If we try repair then sell, I don't think we'd get much selling a damaged repaired car and it's really limiting our market, taking ages to sell. When buyer asks how long we have owned it etc and we come back with only 2 months this will make is difficult to sell too. It's sad to say but it's far easier selling it as parts.

If I didn't already have an Esprit then this is the easiest to fix damaged Esprit I've ever seen and I would have kept it.

Car arrives in morning and engine comes out any day after that. If anyone wants to make me an offer for the complete car then pm me but you'll have to be quick!

More pictures can be seen here

V8 Esprit Pics

Dave Walters

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Buy a paddle, get a flight over and use it as a small boat to get back!

Seriously though, it's a massive and heavy item so it will cost more than the part itself.

Unless I send it on a ship but I've never done this before.

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Got the car this morning and plan was to try and get the engine running. Battery was dead, plenum full of water, old petrol etc

Put another battery on and checked water and oil levels then gave it a try.

Started first time! I was very pleasantly surprised and no engine check light!

The thing that surprised me more was that me and Adrian a took turn each driving the car around the car park.

I never expected this!

Anyway, took some video of engine running on my camera so engine can come out in a week or so. I can show this to anyone interested in buying the engine.

Dave Walters

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Hi Hans, Yes it is. Unfortunately, we had no takers willing to put the car back on the road and it's not worth it for me as I have no storage space for another car and it's only worth repairing if the owner if going to keep it.

Now after two possible guys have told me that they are no longer interested in buying the car, we started selling parts off it. So it's too late to turn back. I've already sold the interior, cats, exhasut, shell and other parts now.

I've just sent you a pm about the parts you require. Let me know if you are interested. If not I've put the price of that part on here. You have first refusal.


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Well good news. there's lots of parts already sold. ABS controller, brake master cylinder and rear bumper just sold.

After this is over, money may fund a very nice Giugiaro HC turbo over winter months coming up for sale in red. If it does then I'll hold onto it for a while.

Jonathan, You might as well sit on your Esprit if it's in pieces and you have the space.


Dave Walters

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Rear bump and wing have sold sorry. All body panels have been sold. It's only the engine, gearbox, ECU, shell, windscreen, brakes, wheels, steering rack and column, rolling chassis, petrol tanks, rear lights, oil coolers, a few electrical parts and a few other bits left now.

Dave Walters

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