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"Spotted," Lambo Countach, Austin, Tx

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Spotted an all white Lamborghini Countach this morning on a nearby local highway. Pure "animal". Totally primal. And did it ever have a manly WING on it! You should'a seen it, Roger. What a sight to behold. Awsome! The way it was meant to be. Aerodynamic nirvana, it was. A WING for all seasons. Rightious! Gnarley! Bold! "In your face" macho statement to the WINGless masses. Gawd, Roger, if only you could have been there. Brought tears to my eyes, it did. Supercar eye candy. Whiplash inducing "wow factor." Sensuous airfoil design. Downforce destiny.

And did I mention that it had a WING on it? :respect::)

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Hahhaha... erm wrong forum fella this is the I saw an Esprit forum lol... I saw a red one in Edinburgh on sunday too but I think it may have been a replica as looked a bit tatty at a glance and also had that WING lol.....


Mark MacKenzie  Elise S2 135 Sport 

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Yes,the countach! When I was a kid,that was THE car.Unfortionately,time has passed it up and unlike the Esprit,it looks too radical by todays standards.Too many wings,panels,angles,just wild!!! If I owned a white Countach,I would dress up like a storm-trooper from star wars just to trip people out...

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As one of Australia's better known drivers, Dick Johnson so eloquently put it "About as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike". :)

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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