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Totaly out of order - Vandalised


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Last night i came home to find that some little c**t had "lined" my number plate with spray paint. They have also got a fair bit of overspray on my paintwork. This is totaly out of order and some heads are going to f***ing roll. A total wounder because she is very rarely parked on the drive without a cover on but the car was soaked so i left it out. I cannot belive this has happened you just dont expect it on your own drive and it is a total shock

This is all quite ironic as i myself have graffiti connections.... i Piant, but propper stuf, legal jams, sell canvases and the like. The paint we used is designed to never bloody come of anything and ever but with my insider knowledge i know a combo of chemical agents that will remove it. I gave this a try last night and was able to remove all of the damage (well what i can see in the dark) the stuff i used was a combo of some real nasty chemicals so i just hope it hasnt damaged the car really. As and added bonus due to my painting and graffiti connections i am known to and know many Writers up and down the country including a few kids in the local area.. Of which this certainly was. there are a few new tags up round my area with the same cap, same colour paint (that i can tell in the dark) and i have identified the name. Iv got the kids on the case and i will hopefully soon know which little t**t is responsible and kick the s**t out of them.

Rant over

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thats really bad, and well out of order on any car etc etc. was it actually a tag on your plate or just a line. i know nothing about graffitti at all, but am a fan when done correctly (not just tagging).

good job you sure it quick enough to remove the damage


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The biter bit.....!! Bad luck..seems strange that the perps would simply outline the numberplate; makes me think they know your connections. Hope it all cleans off OK. A world of difference between legally painting a mural on some blank, dull, railway wall and mindless daubing on private property...the expense of removing the resulting often ugly and aesthetically challenged "artwork" comes, ultimately, from the rest of us. As for the stuff squirted on trains, etc...does nothing for me.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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mmmm....there seems to be a spate of vandalism on nice/expensive cars..... :)

weve had several elise/exige keyings........the little sh!ts just think its funny...... :respect:

weve had tt's mgs name but a few.....

hope you catch em.......tell the parents and ask em for the money....that'll put the frighteners up em...well if thye parents are decent folk.... :)

The Faster You Drive...The Slower You Age

(Albert Einstein  14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


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part of the reason i stopped graffiti right there... i too did the legal walls and used lots of color for big productions and stayed away rfom stupid little scribble tags... I ALWAYS minded my own business, never went over anyone better then me, never side-busted (putting your own work next to something much better to look good by association) but there was still always the stupid ignorant little high schooler bastards who thought they were the kings at what they painted and had to use violence and very immature tactics (much like your car vandalism) to try to get their pathetic point across. ive heard through some of my old painting buddies that the majority of these kids ended up doing time in jail and a few even ended up in the hospital over some friggin art..... hmmmmm, around the same time i stopped wirting, i got a good job and bought my lotus and to this day have a clean police record..... coincidence? hahaha :P

I feel for ya man! I have motion detector lights outside, an insanely elaborate security system, nosey neighbors that watch EVERYTHING, a garage that you cant get to without being seen by my houses main window and the neighbors kitchen window, as well as a overly sensitive dog that barks at anything... oh, and a loaded ak-47 in my closet!


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