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One of the great things about an international forum is opinion, so I'm curious our state side friends had an election, I'm interested to know what you think of the result? Is it going to benefit you and if so why, or visa versa, it's all very well listening to the news, but nothing like the horses mouth.

Roger :)

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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I'm pleased it's soon going to be old news, rather than all that's in the news!

Sorry, I'm sure I should care more but I'm a bit over saturated with it!

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Absolutely delighted

It's also nice to see a scholar back at the top, and not that illiterate buffoon who's been an embarrassment to Americans for the last 8 years.

I just wish people would stop making such an issue about him being's about politics and the best guy for the job.

Then again......first black president, I guess it is a big deal, and a wonderfully monumental event.

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You can interpert that as you choose.

I did not vote for him and am not thrilled at what he claioms he has to offer. A lot of talk about change, but no intelligent explanation as to how it is to happen.

Liberal ideals may be great in some circles, but in my industry they have traditionally not been for the better.

He's there now, so we'll have to hope for the best.

Just my opinion, since you asked.

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Never get it - watch the news, everyones crying their eyes out over what..........a politician.

President of the US is not the most powerful job in the world at all, by any means - he's a politician and can be replaced and he will do what's right for his rear-end, not perform miracles like every new presendent elect promises. Same story, different face.

He's got some brave opinions, they might pay off - if they do he'll probably earn his right. If they dont they could really screw the game up big and proper.

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I love politics and have followed this closely (but have the same over saturation issue as Bibs). He talks a great election but, like Al, worry about his policies and their effects on the rest of the world. Many, like withdrawing from Iraq as soon as possible (vague) will drop some of the rest of the world in the poop and I suspect he's won because he's going to do what he thinks is best for America, not the rest of the world. Some of his business policies are weak and a well known, top UK businessman, who does alot of business in the states said recently "If he gets in it the result could be disasterous".

Lets not forget that he is the equivalent to our socialists (Labour party) and the economies in the worst shape in Europe all have socialist governments (Britain and Spain to name 2 of the worst hit) so watch out long term as he could make things alot worse.

That said, because of his mixed race background he appeals to many as a person, including African countries and this could lead to a softening of other countries approach and attitude to the US. He is charismatic and has made Americans vote in numbers not seen before (in excess of 80% of registered voters (125-200 million people)). In a country where 30% vote (here in the UK) it's nice to see people actually interested in their future for a change.

I do tend to think it was an Anti-Bush vote rather than a pro Obama vote and it would have been alot closer without that factor.

What I really hope is that he has a strong foreign policy mixed with understanding that wielding the biggest stick isn't always the best resort! However I think here, in particular, he will struggle.

Good luck either way!

What will be next? A woman I would say and here's my tip. Sarah Palin will stand for the Republicans next time!

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Personally I'm delighted...

I'm sure I'm not alone in my respect for the US waning over the last 10-15 years.

I hope Obama will will bring a more intelligent/considered attitude to US foreign policy and help reduce some of the 'tension' and conflict around the world.


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By the overwhelming majority people chose democrats over republicans for all the positions, people have clearly stated that they want a change and feel getting the republicans out of office waa the way to go. I don't think it really would have mattered who was running for the democrats as it was theirs for the taking and would have needed to do something severe to have the voters change their minds. I like the idea of change but would like to know some more detail of the plan to make it happen!

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Like all elections >50% of voters didnt vote for him, but in the system he won fair and square.

Good luck to him, i think the economy being sat in the toilet and >700 billion of bailout already agreed by wubya will make it difficult for him to kepp his tax cut pledges.

A big positive for us he that he recognises countries other than america on a global map.

A negative is that standard american politcal pressure will stop him from being to radical. But do we really want a radical or a sound pair of hands??

Good for race relations.

See how Russia reacted, decided to park a shed load of big missiles on polands border. Sort of an up yours Yankee boy by Ruskyboy.

Downside our politicians are all claiming they are just like him and have the same obama magic dust. Queing up to politically trombone him they are, pathetic.

Cant be anyworse than the miserable jock we have in power. NOthing against scots- its just a fact that he has both dour genes fully active.


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Brief discussion at work today with a relative (it's Norfolk I live in so what do you expect), leads me to compare USA and UK leaders.

The USA outwardly vote for their President, and for their government in distinct elections but this is again separate to the local government.

Some of the leaders seem to be very charismatic, irrespective of whether you agree with their view/plans.

That has resulted in An ex-movie star and members of high profile families among others.

the leaders of the opposition seem to be (from the outside) similarly charismatic.

In the UK, the leader and government are voted in once election, theoretically the leader is defined by the majority winners of the government, although it could be the other way round.

We seem to have resulted in some leaders who are good at spin, but perhaps to a lesser degree.

It's resulted in several leaders who to refer to them as dull is an understatement.

Some of our opposition leaders (of the main opposition party) seem to have been shambolic at times, worse at others, sometimes considered un-electable.

I guess having a monarchy prevents us having a separate elected leader and government.

It's a pity, it might stabilise things, as the government / leader you can't be too extreme, and you can't do anything too unpopular or you've got another election just around the corner to loose.


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Talking of 'spin', isn't it just a political term for bullshit?

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I don't profess to really know anything of either of the two candidates backgrounds or asperations for the future, before or after the result was announced.

One of my thoughts all along has always been why would a 70 year old man (Macca)stand for President? Surely by this age (without meaning to offend or sound ageist) most 70 year olds would be slowing down the pace of life and not wanting to go into a job where for the next possibly 8 years you will be living on about 4 hours sleep a night, flying all over the World and be in probably one of the most stressful positions one can imagine. Surely got to be a younger mans role. IMO

Hope the new boys good though.

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I am withholding judgement until I see whether or not he asks the Secret Service to add a wing to the presidential limousine. :) (Full disclosure: one of the "missions" of one of my past USAF squadrons was to fly the president's limo to various locations. This was actually a "good deal," and was how I first got to travel to Hawaii, delivering wheels for the president of Mexico to use [don't ask]. Little known trivia facts: the Secret Service carried license plates for the specific destination to install upon arrival. There were, at the time, two vehicles available. The "Caddy" weighed in at 13,000 lbs. Heavy metal indeed.)

Seriously, I am very comfortable with having Barack Obama as our next president. Statements by some that his eloquence was the result of his use of teleprompters tell me that they must have missed his many extemporaneous interviews, not to mention the several televised public debates. This is a man who thinks well on his feet. His grasp of detail is excellent, and his ability to impart his views in a logical and consistent manner reflects an intelligent and thoughtful mind. He is, in fact, a "quick study," and his supposed "lack of experience" (which I don't buy into) will be no impediment to him accomplishing his goals, internationally or otherwise. His organizational skills are superb, and I have no doubt that he will continue to surround himself with equally talented assistants.

While not expecting miracles--one man can only do so much, regardless of his political station--I have great expectations for him being able to substantially heal the incredible devisiveness now present in this country. The fact that our citizens have chosen an African American to hold the highest office in the land, an historical harbinger of immense proportions, lends credence to this expectation. I am exceedingly hopeful that, with time, president-elect Obama will demonstrate even to those who did not vote for him an evenhandedness with which they will be pleasantly surprised.

And most of all, it is my great hope that this man will restore the sullied and deeply tarnished image of America to its former status as a beacon of free and democratic government, where each and every individual is granted the birthright to achieve their dreams throught earnest effort, unrestrained by societal impediments.

Barack Obama will inherit a plethora of economic and political minefields to navigate his way through. The task of guiding this country back to financial solvency will be daunting indeed. The effort to extricate our military forces from two hugely unpopular wars in a manner satisfactory to a diverse constituency will be an enormous challenge. These goals will most certainly not happen overnight. In the "soundbite" world of today, with Americans often unable to summon up the needed degree of patience required of complex problems, I can only hope that our newest leader will provide the wisdom and focus that this country so desperately needs at this historic juncture. I sincerely wish him well.

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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Wow. This is one of the best summaries of Obama and the election I have ever read! It actually parallels my thoughts pretty well, I just never took the time to set them down in writing. This election will not be forgotten quickly; it will be a turning for America. I am very pleased about the results and proud that I was able to vote for the first time in this election. I'd also like to point out that McCain's concession speech was one of the classiest I've ever heard. That definitely says something. Anyway, congratulations to Obama and best wishes for the presidency!

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Eloquence does not a great man make, and I've found that the higher the education, the less common sense and caring for ones fellow man. Sorry, that's what my life experience has seen in spades. Maybe it's just my jaundiced view of 20 yrs of military service and how I have met 'maybe' a handful of officers (degree holders one and all) that were actual, 'people'.

Hope? Everyone hopes.

Prediction? We're in for a rough ride and since I didn't vote for the prima donna, I'm predicting I will be saying I told you so.....a lot.

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I must admit it shows what the Russians think of Obama, moving missiles onto the Polish border. Obviously think he's weak.

I think he wouldn't have got in in the UK because he used more spin than good economic sense. The UK public demand HOW your going to do something, not what it is your going to do and Obama has been short on info on how he's going to cut taxes etc.

I love the fact he is of mixed race origins, white and African American. Thats great news and may help some of the race relation problems, but am suprised that even the UK papers refer to him as African American. He has after all a white mother and African American father.

I do wish him good luck. It's not a time to rock the boat, with financial markets so under strain. Noticed that all US markets dropped 5% yesterday. Hope that wasn't a reflection of the business communities opinion.

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Kimbers -- I agree with everything you said.

As an aside, I didn't vote for him. I disagree with his policies and voting record. I doubt his ability to handle pressured and tense foreign relations (and obviously so does Russia), and Wall Street fears his economic intentions. He is also socially way farther left on the liberal scale than the majority of Americans, and with Democrats having a majority control in the government, average middle-of-the-road Americans may see legislation they don't agree with being pushed.

Obama's campaign was a marketing campaign, directed at the lowest common denominator. He won the election thanks to a well-executed mass-media marketing campaign targeting the emotions of the uninformed; combined with the Republican party's ruining of McCain's campaign, and the fact that too many people are too uninformed or stupid to realize that John McCain is not George W. Bush. A lot of Americans voted on "hope" and "change", but had no clue they were voting for things they probably don't want (or are completely ignorant of).

What do Bill Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama all have in common? They are all Ivy League elite.

With all that said, I wish him the very best as the leader of the country I live in. While I disagree with him and would never vote for him, I believe he is a good man at heart and intelligent enough for the office he has won. The main positive I see is better relations and reputation for the U.S. with the world in general, and a new sense of cooperation. And I am proud of the U.S.'s social progress in the past fifty years -- going from violence against blacks and denying their rights to electing a (half) black man president. There are a lot of things screwed up with our society right now, and a lot of things are getting worse, but this is one true triumph for the American people.

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I completely agree and couldn't have said it any better.

He won on a "Change" platform and in this day and time, perception is reality. So if enough people perceive it then maybe it will actually happen and hopefully for the better .

Even though I didn't vote for him and have serious concerns over his political and personal beliefs, I will support him as my president until he shows he's not fit for the job and/or not good for the country.

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Berlusconi responded by saying that the relative youth of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, 43, and Obama, 47, should make it easier for Moscow and Washington to work together.

Then, smiling and speaking in Italian, he said through a translator: "I told the president that (Obama) has everything needed in order to reach deals with him: he's young, handsome and even tanned."

You just got to love them Eye-talians. They have a way with words. :P

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