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How often should I change the transmission fluid?

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All you need to know here -

Mileage recommendation is 36,000 at C service but with many owneres taking a long time to do that sort of mileage its probably a good idea to change it every couple of years.

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Engine oil is different to gear box oil - engine oil has to do several jobs, despite mileage. Moisture from cold starts/short runs, contaminants - coke, acids etc from the combustion process.. These contaminants should be removed regularly due to there corrosive effect within the engine so age matters rather than mileage. Hence the oil change as you lay the car up rather than when you put it back on the road.

Gear box wise, The main demands on the oil is from the shear loads between the working parts. If it hasn't done the mileage how does it become old with age and need changing? Its effectively a sealed system no contaminants involved.

I can't totally disagree with the 'better safe than sorry' principal, on the other hand I don't believe in burning money when it can't be justified, just on the vague odd chance.

Opinions please?

Jeff H

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I was only trying to be helpful, repeating the advice from folk who know more about these things than me and the original poster. Thats why I referenced the guide and thats the advice it gives.

This is what the Forum is for surely, seeking the opinion of those better clued up on all things Esprit. Whilst I am mechanically minded (stripped and replaced turbos, replaced oil and water cooling pipes, replaced discs etc.) lubrication is a black art as far as I'm concerned, being chemistry rather than engineering. So I do as I'm told!

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Some good info here and mentions gearbox oils do degrade over time. I don't know if Lotus ever tested this oil for the Renault box but I suspect not.

In those countries where Castrol Taf X hasn't been available, which has been many years here in Australia, Redline MT90 has been advocated as a suitable alternative. Owners who have used it have stated they had no adverse affects, even after several years and lengthy mileages.

There is another newer Redline oil, the 75/90NS, which is a GL5 that the company states is compatible with brass syncros unlike most GL5's. GL5 being even better for the crownwheel and pinion gear loads.


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