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[SOLD] Esprit S2


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Well the heading says it all for me, a sad sad day. Firstly some background for those not familiar with the circumstances, my car went to a mechanic for a total restoration in Sep 2007, and I paid a sizeable sum of cash up front to help things get started. I have been badly let down, and have now terminated the project, and am unable to get my money back at this time.

Unfortunately, this means I can no longer afford to undergo the planned restoration. Due to my current circumstances I am also unable to keep the car. Therefore it is now for sale.


Yellow 1979 Esprit S2, 80,000 miles. Car was originally restored approx 5-6 yrs ago by Malc Holmes, another LEFer. He sold the car to a chap in Rotherham in early 2004, but it wasn't for him, and I purchased in September 2004.

It's travelled with me to most of the larger meets. I have personal receipts for approx




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Really sorry to hear about the problems you have had and that your parting with the car.

Hope it finds a good home and it wont be too long before your back in an Esprit again.

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Absolutely gutted for you Mat. :P All i can say is good luck with the sale. I hope life is good for you apart from the obvious and that the sticks is going well.

All the very best....Paul & Sarah

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sad news Mat :P

"... the Lotus Turbo (Esprit) owner will not only be comfortable in fast company, but will find, more often than not, that he has no company at all!" Road and Track magazine

1983 Turbo Esprit - Silver - 'Lottie' Featured in Classic and Sportscar Aug 2008 and Wheeler Dealers.

1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 221,000 miles and counting!

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Just want to add that its a great car. I bought it as a project and did loads of mechanical work on it to get it fit for the road again. It was my first Esprit and I loved it. Mat sorted out the few remaining mechanical issues and as you know, its taken him to so many of the LEF events over the last few years, its obviously basically sound.

It deserves to go back on the road and with S1/S2 prices climbing more than other Esprits its got to be a pretty good buy.

Just wish I was back in the UK with a garage space available, I would be planning to welcome it home. Hope someone out there in LEF land can give it a new home.


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Am sorry for what has happened to you Mat, and sorry it has forced you to sell.


I will soon be between Lotus's again myself, the only plus you can look forward to

is that any 'downtime' from lotus ownership does help the old bank balance build up

faster than it could have done previously.

Hoping you get a swift and fair sale mate. Here's wishing that one day you might get

the chance to buy it back in better times, maybe fully restored at someone elses cost!


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Mat, what a pity! :P

I would take her, if I could...

Hope she will find a good home soon.



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Hi Mat,

Sorry to hear you're having to sell up, I know things didn't look good last time we spoke. Good luck with the sale and I hope you get another Esprit in the near future. Let me know if you need a lift to any of the meets when your back over here and of course you are more than welcome to drive my Esprit to keep your hand in :P and of course you could always try the Elise as well, but prehaps we better remove the roof next time.....

Martyn :P

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Mat. Am so sorry this has happened. It always seems to happen to the really nice guys. Good luck mate and to all those who are thinking of it, Mat drove me to the 50th in it last year and it was a nice car requiring a little work.

Mat, is it still stripped down or has it been put back together for the sale?

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Sorry to see that you are have been forced to sell the car in these circumstances. Good luck with the sale and I hope it goes to a good home. Have you got all your parts back?

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Just catching up on LEF, and your kind thoughts really help. I'm very appreciative of the nice things people are saying. Tony, as far as price goes, I have to be realistic. I know it's a sound car, but the future buyer is getting a car that hasn't run for a year, and requires refitting of exhaust, rear lights and rear bumper. Additionally like a lot of older Esprits, the paint polishes up superbly, but close up needs fixing and a thorough respray. That's why I have chosen that price. I def won't go lower as it's worth that in parts alone.

For someone who just wants to drive it rather than restore it's a steal, but I need to draw a line under the situation, for mental reasons too, and it's I think priced very fairly.

Trevor, fortunately all the spare parts I had collected stayed with me, and are all intact. Over the years I'd amassed quite a collection of eBay and the parts sales etc. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with them. I'm def going to return to an Esprit, and if its another S2, I'll need them then.




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sorry to hear the cars going.......sounds like youve been stiffed reading a couple of post but I cant comment on that

hope you sell it rather than breaking it.......look too good to be split

good luck with it all



ps dont forget you can still get a lift to the 'socials' :censored::innocent:

Edited by theelanman

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Someone on the Forum has to buy this car, it IS far too good to break for parts. That cant happen.

Let me list a few of the things that where fixed by me in 2001/2 before Mat took it on.

Engine re-build:-

Brand new head- the later spec casting with the lotus symbol cast into the back end.

Replacement used valves sourced from Garry Kemp- you all know Gary only sells the best used engine parts.

Crank, pistons and con rods all from Garry.

New main bearings direct from lotus, Big end bearings, all new from Lotus.

New oil pump anulus and rotor

Recon water pump from PNM

NEW cam shafts from SWL

New clutch (all three parts)

Other stuff

re-built front and rear calipers

new rear drive shaft UJ's and hub bearings

new bushes in lower links

new front springs

new dampers

new exhaust manifold

.....................etc etc................

Probably loads of other stuff that I cant remeber.

Go on, save this car!


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Just to confirm that the car is now retrieved, and safe in my posession. A HUGE thank you to Andy Clements who gave up his whole Saturday to help. I really couldn't have managed without him. I have updated the original post with some current pics.




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