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[WANTED] V8 Twin Turbo (2000+)


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Like this one? It is a 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 SE in immaculate condition but a left hand drive! It was owned, driven and maintained by Lotus for most of its life.

It got a new engine around 40.000 Km. The new engine has been revised. Car is running perfectly. I am considering selling but I think you want a right hand drive.

BTW, I lived in Chiswick last year on Bath Road.

Good luck finding the right car!


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I was PM'd by a brit living in Italy looking for help trying to track down a Mustard Yellow V8 with the revised interior and a big wing. He can't find anything suitable locally so was having to investigate right-hand drive's and importing. If you are thinking of selling, yours looks perfect. I've mailed him the link to this thread. He might be in touch if he's still in the market.

Nick - there is one on LEW at the moment I think?

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Christian ~ excellent response and FAB pic thx very much but you are right my preference is for RHD. BTW Bath Road is still here in W4, still a nightmare, still fixing the flyover at the Brentford end ~ nothing changes !!

Mark ~ thx for the tip Re: LEW, I'll have a look. Am also scanning "Pistonheads" where they are known to crop up every now and then. There is a BRG V8 in Wigan that seems to have been for sale forever. Not my first preference unfortunately unless the dealer drops the price by

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This is still for sale

It's the wrong colour and too old but it's a very cheap and excellent car, I'm happy to vouch for it myself for what that's worth!

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Evora NA

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Would you consider a 2000X V8 SE in Calypso Red with Magnolia? 30k miles, very well looked after and a nice car allround.

I have all the details to forward if you want to know more.

Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.

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I thought as much, after posting previously i thought it best to call him and give him your details. Its a nice car, i'm sure you'll realise that when you see it.

Best of luck.

Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.

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