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Lotus makes money!


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It twere rubbish! What a waste of money!

Virtually Every Ford in that film was a Hybrid. Hardly representative of Fords range (and experimental) in this country let alone South America! Imagine the car chases if they use them all the time...silent and maximum of 40mph!!

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Just read GM has made $73 billion in losses since 2004. No wonder they're in such trouble. So maybe good-bye to a few well known names (I guess the best will get bought up).













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I just bought a used car, 16K on the clock, 16 months old, minter with no marks. Serviced and new tyres included. All for 47% of its orginal new price.

So its basically just over a year old, i get it for less than half price. YOU have to be insane to buy new nowadays.

This is why they are going tits up.

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They are closing for Xmas for the first time ever (2 weeks) and when they return they are on 4 day weeks.

Nissan have closed their Sunderland factory for 2 weeks already and when they return they will be on 4 day weeks. Land Rover and Jaguar have announced short weeks and the latest is Peugeot, who are going on to 3 day weeks and Volvo who are laying off 2000 workers.

As for GM going pop. The only brands who would be bought (who make money) would be Chevrolet Holden

Anyone who owns a Vauxhall may well suffer as this is one brand that is totally out of control in both costs, losses and their products depreciation.

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Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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One of the biggest employers in Telford is GKN chassis systems where they make for landrover , transit, jaguar, toyota, daf and aston martin, most of the agency workers have been laid off, the three shift work patten has been cut down to two and the coming Xmas hols have been extended..

on the same site is GKN off highway who make tractor wheels, they are increasing production and have guys working overtime

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Nissan in Sunderland is spending 2 weeks giving everybody additional training rather than building cars, I'm pleased to know they are trying to make the most of the down time rather than just sending every body home with a head full of worries. Not so good news for our Barcelona plant though, the Pathfinder production has been hit hard and more than 1000 jobs are going there. Even here in Japan, production has been cut back by 70,000 cars. Still in profit at the moment though, thank god.

Very happy to see Lotus have put some cash in the bank, but I fear they will need it next year though, as will every automotive company who has managed to stay in profit so far.

Tough times ahead but all depressions are followed by growth. Things will get better, but only the fittest will survive to see that day.


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