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"Idle up"


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Every time I return home with the car, I stop and open the gate. As the drive is long and on a slight slope there is no need to engage any gear and I just let the car roll inside.

BUT everytime I do this and the speed exceeds about 10kmh the idle immediately goes up to 1100-1200 rpm? Each time I have noted how and when this happens and those figures are totally reproduceable.

Everything seems normal, no faults read, I'm not touching any controls, so is this normal? (or just spooky....)

Confused of Toulouse.

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That's seems OK. The Ecu is programmed to do this. Forget what the speed is axactly but is very low. Once you've exceed this then the revs automatically raise to about 1100-1200 until the speed is below this set speed for over 3 seconds I think. It's all in the service manual.

If it stays like this for a while, then you could have a fauly IAC valve. Before looking at this though and you think you have a fault then you could try restting your ECU. Don't do this unless you think you have a fault.

Dave Walters

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Thanks for the confirmation Dave, I was pretty sure that it was intended as it was the same before and after I replaced the battery and therefore reset the ECU. After stopping again it always does the usual drop back to normal after a few seconds.

Couldnt help wondering why it did this if it was normal?

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"They all do that, Sir."

Additionally, I've noticed that when my car is crawling in 1st gear (vehicle moving slowly, with 1st engaged, and feet off all pedals), and I suddenly push down the clutch pedal, the engine revs up to 1100-1200 for a second or two before coming back down to around 900.

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