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86-87 model intercoolable?

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Good Day,

I had a very nice 86 Esprit and have not found anything since that does it for me in quite the same way. Frustrations with the horrible exhaust manifold design and it's appetite for gaskets aside. I loved the car. I was running more than stock boost, and did buy a head gasket, but after upgrading to the more stout S4S spec unit, I didn't have problems. I keep trying to love the Stevens car, but it's not working. I do love the mechanicals though, and everyone tells me how they are superior. Anybody bolted on the chargecooler from the later models? GM injection? Is it worth the hassle, or should I continue looking. I have driven the Elise and loved it, but I felt like a contortionist trying to get in and out of it. Hard to roll up to dinner and crawl out of your car. Anyway... Any help/ideas on modernizing the Guigaro Esprit for better performance, reliability and ease of use? Many Thanks,


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Now that's a question with an ENORMOUS scope for answering!

Where to start?

I guess with what you start with..... a STOCK pre HC car just isn't up to the task without a rebuild. The pre-HC Pistons melt and really cant cope with it. I have had mine rebuilt with 910 SE Mahler Chrome topped forged Pistons and Nikasil Liners. Now it can be used as a basis for modding.

SO you can either start with a car with a blown engine, in need of a rebuild and rebuild it OR you could throw it in the bin all together and fit an S4 / S4s engine instead! You will need a Renault gearbox and the rear running gear and may need to modify the rear space frame section of the chassis to fit it but IT HAS BEEN DONE! Getting the rear end form a front end write off is proabbly the way to go on that imho....

If you buy an HC engined car then people have fitted charge coolers to them. There are potential issues with 1) fitting under the engine cover and 2) more importantly, I read somewhere that the inlet manifold has a 5mm difference between the carbed and C.C models. You may need to machine a riser or something? I'm sorry I can't be more specific there.

The easiest thing to do is get a car with aircon and sacrifice it. Use the radiator, pump and piping as the C.C rad / system. This way it all fits nicely and if you get the right car, it can be all there already.

With inlet cooling you will not only get a power increase from the CC but will be able to crank the boost up a natch too.

Rebuild will be about

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