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Servicing: Brisbane/Gold Coast Area

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Just wondered if anybody had any experience with servicing of their Esprit in this area, either a garage or somebody that comes to you?

I hear mixed messages about the guys at Lotus on the Gold Coast, there must be somebody who knows what to do.

I'm can do the basics, but timing and stuff is beyond me until I learn.

Cheers, Jerry

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I've only exchanged emails with the Lotus dealer up there, the term "Clown" comes to mind, are you a member of the QLD Lotus Club, I am only a member in NSW but you should be able to find some one competent via the club.

I might be going down to Sydney at the weekend to view the ex Jim Clark 1963 World Championship winning Lotus 25 which has been bought by one of our members, so I'll ask around.

Roger :hrhr:

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Hey Jerry

I use Brisbane Tuning and Turbo.

John there is quite competent with these cars although he only works on the bellhousing forward, meaning no gearbox work.

He has managed to get 230HP at the wheels which for my old girl with little mods is exceptional. The local Lotus Dealer in the Valley is overpriced and asked if they could see my car as they have yet to sight one, let alone work on one. Long story short, they want $175ph to learn on your car...

Give us a call if you need anything mate. I am just south of Brisvegas in Mt Cotton and know the local people n the know as far as cheap parts and stuff and am more than happy to help out a fellow Esprit owner.


Justin 0407415006

"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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Hi Jerry

Good o chat yesterday on the phone...

am about to get under the beastie and finish her off, (hopefully), ready for the inlaws traditional family day tomorrow.

Hope your trip goes well andi look forward to meeting up in the new year.



"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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Have a safe trip mate.

Great news, got the old girl on the road and engine performing very well, just got a small over boosting issue which can be fixed when shops open

when are you coming back mate, so we can organise the hoon so you dont miss out?

will be an historic event for sure!!


"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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Have a good flight mate!

I rekon that Sunday the 18th sounds like a likely sort of a date for a hoon...

I will put a new Topic out there and see what interest we can get for our first Brisbane Hoon.

I will also get together a bit of a route and see what the chances of a Sunday Breakfast booking at Sirromet Winery are...

Have had the Sunday Breakfast there a few times and not too bad at all, although i have been on a few runs with the Ford Cobra Club also down to Sanctuary Cove and it is as good a meal and as good as value too. It will all depend on convenience for everybody at the time I suppose.

I do prefer an early breakfast though, which would suit Sancutary Cove better as Sirromet do not open for Breakfast until 9am. By that time it is nearly lunch!

also Esprits are much nicer to drive in the cooler part of the day.

We could also all pile up to my house for a bbq brekky and a few jars at the Lotus Bar. I can fit about 25 cars in my carpark as i live on 15 acres and have a good space set aside in front of the bar.

anyway, look out for the post entitled Brisbane Hoon - Suggestions...

"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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