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Esprit Sill plates

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Well, I know Alan did this type.


Supersized pic can be found in my garage. :lol:

Excellent product. ;)

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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I can't afford to do another design.

The design for this new limited batch is exactly the same as Simon's set, so it's based on existing programming.

It would be nice to be able to cover all models, but there is a set up cost for each design, then a minimum run of 20 sets of each - which could take forever to sell - a bit like the Guigiaro design.

The sill plates have been slowing up recently and I considered discontinuing them, but have had several recent requests to make another small batch possible.

This may well be the last ever batch, so if you do want a set, don't miss the boat.

Kind regards


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i've got lasercutting at my disposal, so cutting stainless to size is no problem. however, i don't want to make this modification, because i have enough problems already with passengers/valet driver, who use the sill as an aid to getting in the car. maybe you'd sell more if you etched in "not a step" instead of "esprit"

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You've identified the very reason for fitting sill plates.

My other half was scoring the fibreglass with her heels ( although she says not).

The sill plates protect the sill from this and I've had them fitted for a couple of years now. Strangely there are no marks on the sill plates. They look as good as new.

Another suggestion from a passenger with a lump on his head was to etch 'Mind your head getting in' on the Sill plates.

I'll be shipping out the sill plates to those who've ordered them this week. They make nice Christmas presents as does the DVD 'Esprit- Addiction for Life'. I put one on EBay each week to keep it in the public eye, they're available from both LEW and Club Lotus Shop.

Kind regards


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