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Could Not Pass NY State Inspection

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I have a 2001 that I just have finished some front end repairs and went to get my first NY State inspection (it previously was registered in CA).

I failed to pass, as their equipment could not communicate with the car. This puzzled me, as I have an Innova scan tool that I have been using, and it does communicate with the car. Had them try both ADL connectors (under the dash and back by the engine). Same stated that they could not communicate with the vehicle

Got home and plugged in my Innova scanner...and it connected right away. No DTC present. It passed most of the Inspection and Maintanence Monitors steps. There were three that were blinking yellow (EVA, AIR O2S), which was saying that the inspection was in process. Took and drove it for a while and was not able to get these three to go green (they stayed yellow).

I'm confused, as to why the NYS inspection machine could not communicate with the car. Since the Esprit 2001 is OBDII compliant...I would think that there is no unique equipment required for them to be able to commuicated with the car.

Do not know what is required to get the 3 I/M monitors to go green (EVA, AIR, O2S).

Any thoughts?

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I have an Innova scan tool that i bought last year specifically for my Esprit which is a '99. Funny thing is I have never been able to make it communicate with my Esprit. Has come in handy on a few of my other vehicles, but the Esprit, no dice. If you find a solution to the problem please post up here. I would really like to have mine working at some point.


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This is really a pain. Why is it my problem if the darn ECU needs to run 200 or 300 or 400 miles before it can be tested for readiness?

Waste time and money to go back and forth to the DMV. It also pollute more than it helps

the invironment. Crap law...why not go back to the manufacturer and do something on the readiness of the ecu? Make the threshold shorter or something instead of wasting gas and polluting.

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I found a solution for your emission problem readiness.

Buy this cable: scroll below, the cable that says: Openport 2.0 with full adapter set $189.

Then go to download this OBDII FREE SOFTWARE to your laptop

You can force readiness the ecu.

Read the forum below and check the software function that says: "force pass readiness monitors"

circle in red.

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I thought RomRaider was only good for Subaru? Will it work on other brands?


You are absolutely right!

But I spoke to the developer and they are in the process of upgrading the software to handle

European, American and Japanese cars....soon.

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