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se spoiler

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On the early Stevens, the SE looks best imo, still think it looks even better nice and clean with no spoiler. Keep in mind the weight addition to the rear hatch, you might find it needs better struts or it'll come down on your noggin a few times.

Try Lotus bits or eBay, sometimes seen them on there.

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any body got a spoiler for sale ( rear spoiler )  i am going to stoneleigh i think the se spoiler will look best 

thanx  nigel  not sure if i can make the porridge pot or not (ive never been)


I have one. I upgraded mine to the '99 after I got mildly rear-ended and insurace was paying for it :lol: My old one has slight damage, nothing a body shop couldn't fix very easily. I wouldn't want much for it, but then I'm in the US and shipping might be an issue.

Personally, I think the cars look kindof naked without the spoiler, but, that's just me :) I think JAE sells a reproduction for a few hundred $.

A friend was thinking of installing my old spoiler on his.... Nissan 240sx!

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