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Steering Wheel Play

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I have a very slight amount of play when the steering wheel is centered probably about an in inch of movement. Is this from the rack or the universal joint or is there another answer.

Also a speparate issue ,when parking the steering gets very light at a point when on about 1/2 to 3/4 turn - I heard this is just a result of the way it is designed. It doesnt happen when driving.

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Could be either the rack or the UJs to be honest.

However, if the 1" play is felt at the steering wheel and is very loose then my money is on the lower UJ joint.


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You're going to have to investigate, when there's some light about, have a look at the steering column near the point where it goes through the body (near pedals) and gently wiggle the wheel, less than the inch of play you have. If the column moves, it's likely to be the lower UJ or rack, if the column doesn't move in keeping with the wheel then it's the upper UJ.

To check out the lower UJ (once you've done the above), turn the wheel to 3/4 of full lock one way, check for free play, if it's still there it still could be lower UJ or rack, if it's gone it's the rack warn in the middle.

The above is not absolute, but it gives you an idea of where most of the slack is.


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Had the same problem with my one 84 Turbo. It was purely the lower u/j not tightened properly.

I have found one problem with my other 84 turbo and that is after wheel alignment, I find it is now pulling to the right and it is easier to turn the wheel to the right than too the left. I think I must take it back and see what went wrong.

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