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Hi folks anyone know an easy way to fit v8 seats into an 88 turbo. Having recently got a pair I removed a seat from the car only to find the holes in the floor don't line up with the new seat ! I don't want to blunder in with the drill if there is an easy way to modify the seat.I know a few people have done this job so any info would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Ric.

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Hey Ric

not sure if this is how others have done it but this is how i would d it:

1. cut the bolts off the new V8 seats

2. put the seats into position in the car

3. from undrneath the car mark the seat rails with a marker to indicate where to weld the new bolts on

4. weld on bolts

5. refit the new seats



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Or use clear plastic, cut roughly to size of floor and mark the holes. Compare and check how far out the new seats will be and decide from there, redrill or reposition bolts.

Using clear plastic is also a good way to precisely make templates for carpets, mats, sill plates, door dust covers etc etc.


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Hi Richard,

The handle of the smaller frame will move out to suit bigger seat providing holes line up. If you unbolt one seat runner, it's really flimsy. You should give it a try and see if the 88 runner bolts to the V8 seat, it will only take you a few minutes to see if it works?

Dave Walters

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