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MOT tomorrow, NEED ADVICE!

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I remember driving down to Norwich for the 60th celebrations and half way through the journey my full beam suddenly failed to work, it actually cut out all the lights!

The full beam flasher worked ok.

Any advice on how to fix this especially if it's a MOT fail?

Cheers Bo

Mike Kimberly at the launch of the Lotus Evora,

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I don't know about the turbo but on the S2 switching to main beam turns off the dipped beams which would explain why it went dark.

It could simply be the relay. Try switching it for, say, the horn relay and seeing if that helps.

If not, it may be the stalk. If the flasher stalk is the same as the S2, the flash switch is separate from the main/dipped lights switch which would explain why the flash still works.

If you hold the lights on flash too long, the switch can overheat and melt the plastic enough for the rivet that connects to the main beam wiring to sink a bit. Then, when you go to main beam, the contacts don't flick over enough to hit the rivet, hence the darkness. I think the only fix for this is a new stalk which may have to be a modified Land Rover SII piece. Before you get too carried away, check the switch out with a multi-meter to make sure that the contacts are or aren't closing. This will mean pulling off the shroud and, for safety, disconnecting the stalk's plug from the loom. You will soon see which contact does that as you go to flash and to main beam and you can check the continuity directly across them.

Goo luck.

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I had a similar problem with all the lights going off momentarily (for a split second) as I flicked from high to low beam. It was the indicator stalk. Rather than trying to fix it I bought a second hand one.

I still have the original one and it was ok for the MOT. If it helps and you want it please give me a shout.


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Seems as though the switch stalk is a bit of a problem, as I had exactly the same problem with my Red 84 Turbo. As I could not find a new switch I fitted a relay that was energised when the dip lights were on, but when the dip lights went off, the de-energised relay fed voltage to the main beam. The relay actually fitted inside the steering column covers.

I wonder if there are still some old Austin Marinas around to rob.

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Hi Bo,

Lotusbits usually have them in stock SH. Mine popped a couple of times until I realised the a PO had wired both lamps to be on Main or Dipped with no relay fitted (there wasn't one on the S2) it melted the switch just like trevor described. No lights except on flash mode!

My advice would be to check to see if the switch has melted and if you get a new one, get the relay sorted!

....sorry, not a quick fix!


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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