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hi everyone

this is my first post and you will have to excuse me if its a bit boring and long winded as i am still very new to this interwebby thingy and cyberplace in general so still don't know what i,m doing most of the time.(no difference to reality really).

ok heres the plan

take 1 1985 lotus esprit turbo minus engine+gearbox

mix with 1 1991 lexus ls400(4.0 litre quad cam 32 valve all alloy v8)

add a little UN1 renault 21 turbo transaxle

stir gently with 17"front oz nova and 18"rears to clear ap racing 6+4 pot calipers with seperate h/brake caliper and adjustable suspension all round.

added to this very likley are huge quantities of blood,sweat,tears,money and most probably divorce proceedings(as long as i get the garage????)

anyway i am on a really tight budget :cheers: (off topic my daughter just showed me how to do smiley facey things, lol)((hope that means what i think it does) but with to much time on my hands in the new year, sound familiar?.so my first major stumbling block is that there is no manual version of the 1uzfe engine.

i emailed the usual suspects in making me a flywheel but none of them did any research at all and asked me for my old flywheel as a pattern!

there are rumours about using toyota supra/mr2 flywheels with mods can anyone confirm/deny this for me?

many thanks

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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome Steve.

An Esprit with a 4L V8 Lexus in, is one we've not come accross before. You will have to keep us posted and up to date with this one as it comes together.

Good Luck


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Welcome Steve...

The only Hybrid I know of so far is Hilly'a. He did an Audi V8 transplant.... see link

Good luck, it sounds like an exciting project.


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Wow, this could be a interesting read :cheers:

It could pay you to look through the 'Esprit project and restoration' the Technical section, there are a couple of similar projects that have been done which may give pointers.

It may be a little close to Xmas to have the usual flurry of answers/ hints :blush:

Hilly's 1981 s3 v8 conversion would be the good one to read,

and also Punky's 3ltr v6

Welcome to the Forum Steve

'Dodgy' Dave :)

Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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Welcome Steve

The Guys have already posted links to the sort of thing we've had done by members before and I'm sure both members are happy to answer any questions you may have. We're friendly like that here! If you click on the members name next to their Avatar it brings up a drop down menu. Simply choose "Send Message" to send a Private Message (PM).

If you have any questions regarding how to use the site or issues you may have please don't hesitate to contact a Moderator, we're here to help:;CODE=leaders


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Hello Steve, welcome to the forum.

Sounds like a busy week ahead for you, look forward to seeing the end result! :cheers:

We've a 'Projects & Restoration' section which would be a great place to document your work :blush:

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Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Sounds like a really interesting project. I'm glad to see you've got plans for a serious brake upgrade, Esprit brake systems aren't the best in the world :blush: bar those on the Sport 350. I wonder a bit about the gearbox though, I would have thought you would have have to take it easy on it until the car was moving to avoid mashing the gearbox. Don't forget the Sport 350 is de-tuned for this very reason as it can manage 500bhp if left to it's own devices.

Good Luck

Martyn :cheers:

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Steve, welcome to the interweb, super highway thingy, or in particular this littel bit, LEF.

Certainly an anitersting idea. As it's an 85 that means inboard rear brakes, so even more engineering, but you were going to have to re-engineer the rear and fronts anyway to handle the extra speed. I'd also suggest looking at strengthening the chassis in a few places (see sport 350/ sport 300 for locations), otherwise you may start to get a bit more chassis flex that would be comfortable.

I'll be watching your progress with a lot of interest.


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