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Lotus V8 Cortina

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Thanks lads. should be finished in May then road trip to LeMans in June


Jonwat, the gearbox is a Range rover auto with BMW torque converter and Volvo tail housing,

Had to make a flex plate to pick up the drive from the crank and adapter plates between gearbox and lotus bellhousing and also a spacer between bellhousing and block.


Theory is , the box wont break, it will be nice and gentle on the Cortina rear axle, and it will break traction before driveshaft parts fail.

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Just looked through all the photo bucket pics....... Staggering, truly.  The amount of work you have put in on this masterpiece of engineering is breath taking. Congratulations.

Im in Essex and I will certainly be watching out for your car this summer.




Suspension, brakes, chipped, chargecooler rad and pump,injectors,ignition coils and leads, BOV, highflow cat and zorst, Translator and tie rods, Head lights, LEDs to tail lights and interior,Polybushes to entire front end, Rad fans, rad grill, front end refurb with aluminium spreaderplates and galvanised bolts. Ram air, uprated fuel pump, silicone hoses through out, wheels refurbed and powder coated,much more, all maintenance.

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Fantastic car. Love the Saga beige! I'd love to see some video of it in action.

You clearly wanted a sleeper I'd be tempted to put a 3500L badge on the back. Frankly, it would still be a sleeper if it looked like a mk2 Lotus Cortina. You must drive around laughing your head off almost constantly!

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Thanks chaps.


EWilson, yes i got the charge cooler fitted under the dash, with a circulating pump behind the bumper, a VW polo rad in front of the cortina rad and an ali header tank under the n/s inner wing.


Barry, the exhaust note is quiet, adding to the 'Stealth' effect


Been putting some miles on it and its only making 3-4psi, so got to find why there is low boost.


I capped the pipe from the manifold to the wastegates,.... no difference :huh:


I am dreading that it might be a pipe off the chargecoler under the dash as its pretty inaccessible :thumbdown:

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Very nice and all sparkly clean. :thumbsup:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Hi Guys.

Thanks for comments.

The bench seat was not a good idea in hindsight,

Its like sitting on a space hopper,  :o

Sorted the boost issue, well removed the pipe from the manifold to the boost valve and there is now plenty of boost, but cant lean on it till its mapped with boost :( ( boost valve wasnt configured when on the rolling road as we didnt have adequate petrol pressure).

Done a couple of launches with 3-4 psi  0-60 was 5.3 and wheel spinning, so more boost and softer tyre pressures will see that bettered.

Hope to get to a lotus meeting one day.



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Stuck some decent tyres on it and first blast at 0-60 was 3.96, happy days

Standard half shafts holding up at the moment.

will have a go at 1/4 mile soon



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Anglia cosworth powered

Sierra 5.7L mustang powered

Sierra convertable

Nissan Skyline

suzuki bandit with 1100gsxr engine

Jag XJ8

Mk2 Cortina, no engine

Lotus V8 engine, no car

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