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Should I sell ?

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My project for Jan/Feb is to drive some other options and marques.

See you at the Oxford meet in your Esprit then :censored:

I spoke to Fishy last week; he said that the Diablo is an awesome car but the Esprit is more than just a car, it's a part of who you are and becomes more than just metal and fibreglass. If one of the cars had to go, he'd be back in his Esprit over the Lambo without question and the Esprit is a more fun drive when on fun roads too and I'll challenge anyone to disagree with that!

I can see his point (although I don't have a Lambo in the garage, can't afford it!) and wouldn't swap my Esprit for anything else. I may have something else but there will, for the indefinite future, always be an Esprit in my life.

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Evora NA

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I spent well over 20 years yearning for an Esprit, reckon I need at least that in ownership just to keep the Yin-Yang balance! :censored:

Dermot, your car will be worth nothing compared to the effort and modifications you have put into it, and possibly little more than any other S4. If I were you I would keep it, add something else to the garage, and see how you feel after a year or two. If you find the S4 sitting idle, then get rid of it.

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..... - good point, well put I'd say.

Have you been watching the Christmas edition of the Royle Family?

I think spending the next two months test driving various desirable cars while having the wherewithal to buy anyone of them that takes your fancy sounds a blast. Have fun. Like others have said, only you can decide whether it's the right time to sell your car or not. You are the one who knows what you want out of a sports car and whether the Esprit is giving it to you or not. Problem is that, if you sell yours and later decide that you made a mistake, you will never find one as well suited to you as that one.

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If in the future you really believe you've made a mistake then buy

another Esprit and start another project, bigger! better! different!


Hey there's an idea Dermot, buy that green customised sport 300 and turn

it back into a sport 300 again with a few of your own tweaks here and there.


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Should you SELL?!?!? Err no?

Impossible question for's some for you (assuming as you suggest that you dont really need to sell)

What do you want a/the/another car for?

Do you still enjoy the Esprit? - if so why spend more just to change?

Could you keep the Esprit and buy something else as well? - best of many worlds?

What would you expect from a different car? Would it just be different, or are there Esprit shortcomings that you want to get over? - if its just to have something different, I guess you're on your way!

Which Esprit positives are you willing to give up in the (inevitable) compromise?

If you invest your stash somewhere clever....would you get enough for a new Esprit in 201X ??

How about keep the Esprit and spend your money on one of those posh car clubs (say ~

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Have owned present Esprit for over 11 years, and i have spent a lot of money upgrading (brakes, suspension, engine and replacing the Citroen gearbox) and will only sell for the Esprit replacement.

I am presently considering using my Elise and Elite as a means of getting a GT3

Dermot stay in the fold, you know you will regret selling your pride and joy for something "inferior". B)

Darryl & Sue

Proud to drive and own since new a true British supercar the Evora GT430

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Paul Matty is not taking in Esprits at the moment as the bottom has fallen out of the market for them he says, so that should be a good indicator not to sell at the mo. He does however have a type 19 for

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88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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All traces of the one I was referring too have been deleted of the Pistonheads and Club Scuderia site, I presume to help stablise the market.

It was a well known owner, concours condition, guy needed out of it. I read on one thread he bought it a just over a year ago for

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I know its not a good time to be selling Esprits at the mo, but to my mind there are actually very few Esprits 'for sale' at this time anyway. Autotrader has only 14 Nationally (probably the lowest number I've ever seen)

Is this less people wanting to sell or people holding on for a better market?

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Hi Dermot

It would be a shame if you did as I've actually sat in your car and had the pleasure of meeting you in Oxford.

Personally i'd look at another project car, i'm sure you have considered this for example why not look at the Nobles etc a bit more different to a Fezza and quick.

Your exhaust is still going strong on my S4.

I too have been tempted by more interesting vehicles but to be honest the Esprit is like a member of the family, its the only car i've ever owned that I can honestly say I have feelings for....sad but true.

Anyhow see you at Castle Coombe this who will organise the Oxford meets if you sell?


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I very much welcome all your comments. The purpose of the thread is to flesh out the pros and cons and give me a reality check.

The car is not for sale yet, that decision will only be taken after due and careful consideration and if I can find a car that exceeds what I have in my garage at the moment.

I could afford a very nice F360 (for example I could have had a red 2002 360 F1 this week for

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It would be a shame if you did as I've actually sat in your car and had the pleasure of meeting you in Oxford.

You should be in it when it's moving mate, i was his passenger going there last time

and spent the journey with my hands gripping my kneecaps while my feet were banging

into the floor for a brake pedal that was not there...

Pesonally, unless someone is hell bent on the Sport 300, then i think Dermots car is probably

a much faster car than a stock S300, and it's faster than an S4s for sure. It's the fastest driven

Esprit i have been in, or driven with.

Finding a better, faster, 4cyl Esprit would be very hard, and in stock form i doubt any are.


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Dermot, you car is definitely superb bang for the bucks !

Whatever you buy, just ask yourself at what price you'll get the same kick ...

Only thing I would ever replace my dearly beloved Esprit for is an expensive Lambo, or a Pagani Zonda in my wildest dreams.

- Nulla tenaci invia est via -

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I have thought several times about moving away from the Esprit and I have had 4 so far.

I thought about getting a Diablo but

- they now do look dated

- they are a touch over the top for some occasions

- the early ones are not a good drive IMO

- the parts are very expensive and hard to source

- I have driven alongside one at speed over long distances and it was no quicker than my V8 Esprit not that spped matters much to me nowadays

I thought about a 360

- looks more modern than a Diablo

- can be used a bit more everyday than a Diablo

- similar performance to a V8 Esprit

- better looking than an Esprit IMO

- the ultimate badge

- main dealer servicing a bit more than Lotus main dealer

- high mileage is a problem on Ferraris re money

- you need to foster a good relationship with a dealership in order to get good servicing at good prices oevr many years

- drive aorund any major city and you will see more 360s than Esprits


- its a small Audi with clucth and other running costs/problems


- very pricey to run

Not much else interests me

In the end I find the V8 late Esprits to be

-very rare

-excellent value for money

- drive them 10,000 miles a year and you dont have to think too much about costs unlike Ferrari and Lambo

The 360s are tempting but for a very good dealership one its

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FWIW Dermot, I think if you swap your car for something even MORE outrageous, you'll not miss the Esprit too much. But as you know, I sold Lottie in 2002 to Gavin after 'expert' advice that her overhaul would cost much more than her value. So I bought a Merc as a runaround instead - which was a great car but totally uninvolving as a drive.

Every time I saw a Lotus picture, I had that pang of bereavement. Not just for 'a' Lotus Esprit, but for mine. We'd shared such times together I felt like a traitor. When the chance came to buy her back in 2006, I didn't hesitate - even though I've spent over

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A chap in our village owned a 360 for about six months in 2007. It was a beautiful car but in the end he sold it due to the amount of abuse he was getting from other drivers!

Can honestly say I've never experienced anything negative in my Esprit. Quite the opposite in fact. It's amazing how many cars slow down to look, wave and give the friendly nod. That's what I call respect!

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this is very interesting thread, as a potential esprit buyer,

as here in switzerland, im look at early (99) V8s compared to Ferrari 355s (similar age) at similar prices

but as others have said, im not convinced about the ferrari... more common (here) and has the positive and negative image of being a ferrari owner,

but reviews ive read seem to imply the 355 might be better... but my heart says the esprit is the choice <_<

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355 or Esprit - easy Esprit evry time! Rarer, looks better and goes better IMO!

360 or Esprit - not easy .....prob 360 just..or maybe not!

Its a tough one Dermot but cars arent everything and the Esprit is a great car for the money.....

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We have been watching values taking a kicking for the last 6 months and have seen 20k+ come off gallardo prices and 360's starting below 355's! Bentley Continental GT's, AMV8's and DB9's have all gone south for the winter but I don't imagine those would even begin to get your pulse above rest!

At your price point, realistically you'd be looking at a 355 or a 360...

What do they offer over and above your car?

Imo? Sod all of the first order!

The 360 is nice but they're not that quick. They're extremely bland to drive and people will hate you! lol

The 355 is more of a 'real supercar' but it will be bloody slow compared to what you're used to.

Performance-wise to make it worth your while, imho you'd need to be looking at Murcis, Gallardo's, F430's or even Scuds - They are a whole other price point entirely!

Tiv make some very quick cars but even a Sag wouldn't float your handling boat imho

The Noble is the only possible path I think. Have you driven one? Maybe Snuffy could volunteer :) lol

Or.... you go 'mental' and go down the Atom, 211, Radickal, Ultima route.

In my personal opinion - Besides the nobbler, I think you'd be very hard pressed to get any thing that would make it worth your while or would 'feel' like any kind of an upgrade!

Or as a total left field suggestion... GT R34 / GTR35 / or one of the insane FQ's? I don't imagine they'd float your boat though?

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked him to forgive me."


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I know what you mean Dermot. I've had my car now for over 15 years. The problem is after that amount of time it sort of becomes part of the family.

We went on part of our honeymoon in the car and my boys have made me promise its theirs one day but I have to admit if I am really honest I first bought the Esprit because I could not afford a Countach. Yes I know the car handles and performs amazingly but part of the appeal to me as a total Petrolhead and car-lover is what they look and sound like. I've made it a personal goal to have at one time or another during my time on this planet a Maserati, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini (not necessarily in that order.) But I do know that if I sold my car I would miss it. Depends on funds I suppose - that said I'd also love a Sport350......... I'm not a poser and would quite happily sit in my garage polishing a Gallardo as much as driving it. I just love nice cars....

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