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Kevin of GTO sold me a heavy duty clutch twin disc. I couldn't make it to work. The spline is ok but I don't know how to put the clutch disc in sequence. I broke two forks and could not make it

work. Kevin said, the two disc should not touch its other. I send him the pictures & asking

the proper sequence...but with no avail.

Anyone out here able to install this heavy duty clutch for V8 Esprit?

I put an alphabetical letter A & B in one disc and C & D in the other disc.

Can you tell me how this should be mounted to the engine flywheel?

Ex....A facing the flywheel then C .....

I hope the pictures is clear enough for you to see the difference of the center section.




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This may be stating the obvious, but I assuming you're mounting the friction disks in the clutch basket assembly (pressure plate, throw out bearing, etc)? If you look at the picture (similar to an Esprit clutch), one of the friction plates goes in the middle of the basket, and the other faces the flywheel with the pressure plate on the other end.


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Thanks Paul---yes I mounted clutch disc to the basket too, exactly what showing in your picture. The problem was, the two disc is different if you look at the center section in my picture. I don't know how the two should be paired inside the basket. Look clearly at the center (spline area) section. Kevin said, these two should not be touching when you press the clutch. I paired them A & D. The throw out bearing in the front of A (notice the center section of A is messed up), the final disc facing the flywheel is D. I broke two forks with this secquence. Apparently it's wrong, the middle seems touching and putting too much pressure to the fork and breaks.

The twin disc he sold me is not the stock Lotus disc. He said, he used this and works far better than the stock.

I wished I stayed stock.

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look in these page an try to find somethin similar to your dimensions. The drawings may help a lot !!

PS. you can switch between English/German by the button on the start page..

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I haven't fitted one of these or ever seen one but the logical sequence according to how the centre spigots are machined would be as follows

in your photo #2 pick up plate marked 'D' and place it ontop of plate marked 'B' in the same orientation as they are in the pics. i.e. don't flip it over.

Face 'A' with the radiused top should be facing the release springs.

Face 'D' should be facing the flywheel.

So Basically. 'A' to release spring. 'B & 'C' facing eachother, and 'D' to flywheel.

I'd put a pint on me being right! :)

But I have been known to be wrong occasionally LOL :)

err.... just noticed your reply to Paul. Looks like thats the way your trying it.

I can't see it being assembled any other way, are you sure everything else is correct?


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"But I have been known to be wrong occasionally LOL"

I understand Simon, I'm grateful you have a feedback with my problem and I will look

into the orientation you suggested.

"Face 'A' with the radiused top should be facing the release springs.

Face 'D' should be facing the flywheel.

So Basically. 'A' to release spring. 'B & 'C' facing eachother, and 'D' to flywheel."

Your suggestion is very helpful. I will continue the project onces it get's warmer here in

New England. We are buried with snow and my blood and lard are so thick that I'm lazy

to move. Right now, I put the original AP used clutch just to run the car. I got

frustrated that I can't seems to make it work.

Have you seen something like this twin disc? Kevin of GTO claimed it works and 100 times

better than the AP stock. He did not reveal where this disc originally been used. The box

is from AP racing too but no model and part #. The splines matches.

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Hi Che,

Your photo isn't completely clear, but the central splines on the 2 discs are meant to be different. The plate with the spline that potrudes out the most should be against the flywheel with the potruding part of the spline pointing towards the box - if you imagine that the input shaft is only 'so' long and that this plate is at the very end of the shaft and so the spline needs to be deeper in than the other plate. The other plate is mounted facing in the same direction, but in between the 2 pressure plates.

But I have to say that; given that the release fork only releases the pressure on the spring, rather than directly moving the clutch plates, I'm not completely sure how fitting them wrong can result in a busted release fork.

Also, you do realise that that's a paddle clutch? I'm not sure what they're like on an Esprit, but on most other cars they can be anywhere between stupidly fierce to plain undriveable.

Edited to add:

I've gone through some of my old photos from one of the many times it had been apart, I'm going to go completely against what everyone else is saying and say;

flywheel | B A | centre plate | D C | Pressure Plate

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I suppose I could go in the garage and look at the v8 clutch I have there to determine which way round the Esprit ones go, I can't see this slightly different one, by the same manufacturer being too different.

Re that actual sequence and direction, I don't know off the top of my head, but you must not have the two surfaces of the paddle clutch touching, they must have a drive plate between them transferring rotation to the outer basket.

In effect you have two clutches (hence the name), it's just that only one of the steel flat plates is attached directly to the crank (the flywheel) the other is floating in the cage between the two friction (paddle) plates.

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Zhastaph : what do you mean paddle clutch? sequential ?

Yeah I understand this can be very tough to use, however I have two of these one in my Skyline Rb26dett &

one in my Lotus 7 using the same style disc made by EXEDY. They work fine, I don't know in Esprit though.

Andy--the middle section of these clutch is different than the stock Lotus AP clutch. I though I

can do the same by looking at the stock Lotus clutch. They are different.

Which flat face you referring that must face the flywheel B or D?

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"Paddle" clutch refers to the shape of the friction surfaces. They look like paddles whereas a normal clutch has a circular friction face. Nothing to do with paddle shifters. They have the same name just to confuse people.

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