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V8 spring rate-length info

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Got you PM, I'll respond here for everyone's reference.

The springs and rates selected for my car were based on using a different shock. I can't recall right now the exact lengths I went with but I pretty positive they were 2.50" dia. springs. The length at the front is fairly critical for the shocks I used, to allow proper adjustment and to actually fit. The rears were less critical. I recently changed the rears to higher rates after some track time. I think they were 500#F and 450#R. Seemed to work well, but the shock valving adjustments f/r can manipulate how they felt quite drastically on track.


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Thanks Paul----So the diam is 2.50"

I will research the length.

Other consideration: I know the stock spring rate is pretty good otherwise Lotus will not use it.

I'm thinking just replacing the shocks & use the stock rate. I'm leaning toward a double adjustable Alloy Protech.

I'm a bit hesitant to alter the rate and re-invent. The car is mainly use for street. What do you think?

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I wanted to lower my "G" car (1983) so I did it on the cheap by cutting the springs. The first inch wasn't that bad but the extra 3/8" increased the spring rate too much resulting in a harsh ride and noticeable bump steer. I found a replacement spring that matches the the stock spring rate that I only need to add a small spacer to get the ride height I want. I will be checking the bump steer and seeing if I can adjust the rack to compensate.

Bottom line.... If you like the ride quality you have now stay with the same spring rate.

My 2 cents,


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