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Best complaint letter ever?


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A link to a complaint letter, recently received by Virgin Atlantic's customer complaints department. It is being hailed as one of the funniest complaints letters ever written...

It does make, in combination with the pictures, for very amusing reading.

So, do any of you ever complain? Do you ever get freebies for your complaint efforts?

Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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Nope it was Co-op insurance. I wrote a letter because that was easy and then forgot about it. To my surprise they contacted me about a month later and bent over backwards to rectify the issues I had. Can't say fairer than that.




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So your not insured with Adrian Flux then?


Have you tried Hagerty? My insurance on the GT3 went down by

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I purchased a part for my landy recently, forma company who have an internet store, but couldn't find the second part I wanted, so resorted to telephoning them, enquiring and eventually placing the order fro just the first part. They charged me

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With about 140,000 flown kilometres annually on various airlines (chiefly One World and Star Alliance) I could write a book on meals, service and entertainment. Maybe I will some day. Remember boarding Lufthansa homebound after two weeks in Korea just to be served jellyfish with glass noodles for dinner. I almost hit the steward.

Just got back from Bangladesh 48 hours delayed after two attempts to take off in the Dhaka fog on a British Airways triple-seven. Chucked in at the Radisson Water Garden, we had to buy our own beer at 5 quid a can. It is now twelve days since I deposited my luggage at Oslo airport outbound, I have not seen it since. A week living on the BA wash-bag, buying shirts and shaving stuff in Bengali dirty shops. Camera gone, iPod station gone, silk and kashmere tailor-made blazer gone, business documents worth 4 days of work gone. Nobody knows where my suitcase is except me. It has all been sold on the black market in Chittagong. The airline has never bothered to call me to update, and I have held a gold card for 12 years.

Whoo....big-time complaint coming up!!!

Yes I complain and yes, I get compensated by goodwill most times. Now I have a 3500 pound claim against BA. We will see....


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Atle yopu need to try Qatar airways , we just did our india trip with them, buisiness class, they were excellent, we had Renu's 79 year old mum with us and the help and consideration shown was top notch

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