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For only the second time in the 21 years I have been there they have closed the University at 2pm today and it won't open again until Monday morning <_<

Also after the snow on Monday I got home to find my drive had been cleaned - I found out it was my neighbour. So today I have been out to clean my drive and cleaned his as well. Who said this was selfish Britain??

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Thats my day mucked up now as just woken to the news that Holden Hill and Telegraph Hill are both closed because of overnight snow (my two routes into Exeter for work) Both steep Duel Carriageway hills. I have never known them both to be closed before in my 20 years living in Devon. Local news saying abandoned cars, people sleeping in cars ect ect,

Looks like most of the day off then, or at least until the sun comes out.

1st ever time off due to weather, including school days.

(even our snowman, now has snow on)

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Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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We've just gotten quite nicely thawed here. The roads and paths are pretty much clear just landscaped areas that still have a couple of inches of snow/ice on them... until about half an hour ago when it started to snow again!

Mind you, it's very slight & a bit sleety so I think we're only in for a light dusting here this time.

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