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South Lakes Run


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Ok if the Snow has gone,were looking to do this South Lakes Run on sunday 22 Feb.

The meeting place is Burton-Kendal moto Services on the M6 at 9.30, quick chat, route details, etc then its off.

First place were stopping at is the Lakeland Motor Museum at Holker Hall

For this year they have the Donald Campbell Bluebird record breaking boats and cars exhibition. Although its not a large museum should take a hour to get round, its in the grounds of Holker Hall which has a food hall, restaurant etc, the main house won't be open, but there is still lots to see. One reason why were going here in the early season as it gets so busy, plus the roads should be clear too. I'm allowing time for people to shop here for local goodies and take in some photo opportunities, weather permiting.

Second stop after a nice run is Windermere, hopeing to stop along the route for some photos etc. Then getting to the central lake where we'll park up and have a wander around for an hour or so depending on what people want to do and the weather.

Third stop is the best bit a nice pub with its own Micro brewery and good food. This is called the Watermill at Ings on the A591.

Parking is always tricky here because of the walkers so I advise we park in the village petrol station/service area and walk back to the pub. It has home made food and lots of wonderfull beer brewed onsite.

This brings us to the end of our mini tour, hopefully full of food, some beer and goodies to take back, we can then depart to the M6 which is only 20mins or so away.

If we get alot of people then I'll book a table at the pub and we also get special parking (free) at Holker Hall so more the better for us.

I've also got Money off vouchers for the car Museum.

This is open to other Area Groups also.

GC1+ 1


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Graham , me and phil looked at a lakes run last year for NMEG and came to the conclusion it has to be run in june, july or Aug so that we take advantage of the longer daylight. Some of the NMEG guys travel from Birmingham and so to do a run like you propose in winter would mean travelling home in the dark. Also, if the weather is lousy its a long way to go in the rain , so you want to minimise the chances of that.

Its a good idea the lakes run, we thought a stop over would be good, ie head up Sat morning, a bit of a hoon, few beers, bed and then some touristy stuff on Sunday. Just needs a bit of momentum to get the idea going. We also thought holding in summer might encourage the Esprits in scotland to come down and play.



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If your NW run isn't happening tomorrow, you're welcome to join NMEG on its journey of culinary delight to Ludlow.

Check out the thread. If you're interested then let us know and we'll see you at the Gingerbread man between 10 and 10.30.



Wing Commander Dibble DFC<br /><br />
North Midlands Esprit Group<br /><br />
NMEG "the formidable squadron"<br /><br />
"probably the most active Esprit group in the world" Andy Betts, Castle Combe May 2007

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Alex thankyou for your ideas I think we could do somthing alone those lines,except traffic in the lakes can be a night mare along tight winedy streets but yes weather could be better and some planning in advance might get round some of the traffic issues,would be great to see the Scot and north east guys also.

Graham again thank for your kind invertation however I'm saving the long run south for your space station run next month and looking forward to it.


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