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When you turn the key on before starting you should be able to hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds to pressurize the system and there should be more than just a dribble at the schrader valve. Sounds like either a knackered pump or really clogged fuel filter.

If the pump isn't running, check to see if you are getting 12v at the connection to the pump when the key is first turned on. If you are and it isn't running then the pump is bad. If no juice, then the problem lies elsewhere. You can confirm that the pump is good/bad by applying 12 volts + and - directly to the fuel pump to see if it runs.

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Just to back that up, when I pressed the valve many moons ago during similar trouble shooting fuel squirted vigorously many feet in the air. I forgot the cloth!

As another note, I had these symptoms when I ran out of fuel. The mesh filter on the bottom of the pump was clogged with rust. Quick change and bingo, off it went again.

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thanks for all the help guys, i will be looking at taking the pump out tomorrow evening, i jumping the aldl connector and that did not throw up any codes i replaced all the fuses today the vac pump runs and no splits to the plastic lines and i can hear the fuel pump engage, so i will look at the strainer (hope its clogged) so could be a cheap fix - better not say that as luck is just bad at the moment

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well the car is running, and very well. fuel pump was like new, put a bunch of magnets down into the tank (to collect any rust) and got nothing, put it all back and now pressure at valve, new 02 sensor arrived and is now fitted. very happy now, car had over fueled (alot) and was flodded so once cleared started and now its happy, and usable for my dads funeral tomorrow, thanks to sj for swift service after the post office screw up. also thanks to the guys who offered advice.

all the best

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All's well that 'starts' well when it's cars! - gettit?!?!? :animier:

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