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shocking : 13 years old kid has baby


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What's shocking is that there will be no prosecutions. What sort of message is that sending out?

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If the offspring continue thus, we will see what we call

'generations' get to be much shorter periods of time.

Dad at 13,

Grandad at 26,

Great grandad at 39,

Great, great grandad at 52,

Great, great, great grandad at 65,

Great, great, great, great grandad at 78,

Great, great, great, great, great grandad at 91....

Also, why are they always 'Sun Readers'? I'd be less

embarrassed buying a porno that the Sun, honestly.


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Don't get me started! He looks too young to walk to school alone yet alone having a baby!

Whats really sad about this is the fact that all the government agencies have scrambled to help. Guess who foots the bill! Yep the good old british tax payer.

What this is, and the figures that show us as the worst country in Europe for teenage pregnancies, is a really sad enditement of the state of British common sense education in schools, especially sex education. Even knowing what a baby will cost you if you do get pregnant! "I don't really get any pocket money but I bet nappies cost alot! My dad does give me

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Both families should be taken to the vets, pronto...existing on benefits, the more they breed the more they get. Hellfire...there should be something in the water supply to prevent ANYBODY producing children without a permit. Whatever happened to the idea that you should be in a position to look after your own progeny? These days it seems everybody thinks they have a "right" to produce infants which will be paid for by the taxpayer. A real "Nanny state".... What hope is there?

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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So will they get child benefit while their parents are still receiving child benefit for them? :D

They are in no way fit to be parents, the kids should 110% be taken from them and as they have been proved to have no sense of responsibility they should both receive a free NHS frontal lobotomy.

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Well, I hate to burst the bubble and all, but the youngest I have personally seen (as in I was in the same room) was a 10 year old girl having a baby with a 12 year old father. But it does not stop there... oh no. As a result of our welfare system and more to the point our failing education, the girl and boy were "encouraged to try have a baby as soon as they could". By both sets of moms. Why? Because the state will "give you $326 a month once you have a baby"....

I could not make this crap up I assure you.


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Apparently interviewed the lad was asked how he was going to financially provide for the child, he responded by saying 'what's financially?'

They should not get any help from the state to make this a point to others, also take the child away, some ones got to knock this free money, free house lark on the head, which is what they will get once they are 16. Someones got to turn this country around, and it isn't Brown.

This country is a mess now, I'm ashamed of what's happened to it.

Then in another light Jeremy Paxman has done a program on the Victorians and how great they were (Pink globe time), where has it all gone wrong in a 100 years, especially the last 15 under Labour. Apparently it was said on the news that only 1 in 100 girls under 16 becomes pregnant, and they thought that was a good figure!

I have nieces of 20 and 17, neither are ready at their age to be parents, they are only interested in going out, make up, handbags and having a good time. sex is on their minds, but parenting is the last thing considered.

I knew of one girl at my secondary school who became pregnant three times, aged about 15, aborted all of them, I suppose today she could have had them along with the free house etc, in Browns eyes these children are the future 'workers' of Britian! :D


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God this story had my jaw hanging, then I got mad. I'm sure the kids will get goodness knows what in benefits, from a system they have contributed sweet FA to. What does this teach people FFS? :D:)

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Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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Blimey, just bettered Cameron's story!



Britain's shit for brains, football, burger and mobile phone ringtone lovers favorite newspaper.



Story by Dennis Hitstrirrer:

Underage pregnancy sank to new depths last night, when the Sun discovered that a nine year old

girl gave birth to twins at a north london hospital, a chilling fact in itself, but it now emerges that the

baby girl of the twins was born already in the early stages of pregnancy.


Though initially doctors thought there was a risk of abnormality caused by inbreeding it is now

known that the mother was accidently artificially inseminated with sperm from two fourteen year old

boys when she was at the same hospital last year for a tonsil operation.


The fathers had apparently used fake ID to give sperm at an over 16's mobile sperm bank in south

east London. The company, 'Bash for cash' exchanges donated sperm for mobile phone credit, ringtones

and gamestore vouchers. "We always feared this kind of thing could happen", a worker said today, "But

the kids want all the latest nice things, and selling sperm and eggs is better than resorting to crime like

robbing an old lady etc".


The great, great grandfathers of the two boys at the hospital yesterday, looking for the bar.

The twins are said to be doing well, and the baby girl stands to be britains youngest mum in October

when gives birth at only six months old. Both fathers say they will stand by the girl "We want to both

be good dads, we just need to find out which of us is each babbies dad" one of them said to waiting

press yesterday, the other commented "Yeah, because one of us will be a grandad soon, and we both

think that kinda cool".

The Sun tracked the mother of the girl down to a north London pub "I've heard about the babies" she

said, and refused to comment further. It's understood the father of the six year old is currently away

on a scout camp.

Local council works are currently trying to work out who can claim for what exactly.

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Jeez, sounds like you all want to hang out and string up a poor lad who was thinking with his knob rather than brains. I dont think he was thinking great , get me some benefits, and and a nice little pad out of this one.

He more likely thinking whahey, i am shagging. Dopey sod he is, and she in no sharp knife in the box either, but dont get all righteous on them. I bet some of you lot werent holding back on shagging until post 16 and in a long term commited relationship, discussing future life strategies.

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I personally am amazed that a prepubescent 12 year old managed to impregnate a girl (who apparently forgot to take her pill) after having sex once for the first time in his life. That's got to beat the odds.

I'm not sure that anyone is looking to string up the boy, just outraged at the lack of education and sense of responsibility that lead to this. That and the begrudged feeling that 'our tax money' is being used to pay for the care of these three children following this mistake.

It is horrific to think responsible hard working people wait & save up their money so they can afford to raise a child yet the great unwashed masses seem to pop them out at will not thinking of the consequences or the financial implications of feeding clothing and supporting a child. If one of your children came to you and told you they were pregnant would you say don't worry about it son or would you be horrified and suggesting that a termination or adoption might be a more sensible offer (before clippin' 'im round the head for being so stupid :D)

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Like the 'Sun' headline i posted, this 12 year old dad sets a benchmark:

Next years 12 year old dad might get a little side column.

The 14 year old dads won't even make the paper.

The Sun will be waiting for the 11 year old dad.

Anything else would be a waste of time now the've done the 12.

We have our cats spade or neuted to stop them doing this.

These kids age is no excuse, a 12 year old human being should

be just a little bit smarter than a bloody tomcat? I mean it's not like my

cats can read, talk, ride a bike, watch TV, play computer games, carry

mobile phones etc. They knew what boning away would make happen,

there's just (like with cats) no fear of it, no problem if 'it' happens, so

thick as feck they just carry on until a front page baby pops out.

It's not being righteous, as you might just as well get righteous with

the aphids on your runner beans or the ants on your path. On a base

level of being passable as human beings, some folk over generations

are being bred to fail.

I must now issue an apology to Monkey and Custard for the

implication they are comparible, because they are not.

They are better. Way, Way better.


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I'm with Alex. The boy was 12 when he got the girl pregnant. These kids are just stupid and misguided. It's no surprise that sex education in schools isn't working. Not much education in schools seems to be working.

What was the gril thinking sleeping with a boy that looks about 8 years old? Does she have no self-respect?

At least they are not as bad as the woman in Los Angeles who recently had 8 children by IVF to go with the 6 she already has. What she doesn't have is a partner or money. Now that is irresponsible.

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Send her to the UK Trevor, our councils will look after her and her brood.


About these kids, they know what condoms are, they know what responsibility is.

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yes the sex education in schools is lacking, but it shouldn't be that the parents can sit back and go.......hey don't blame's fault.......

i have a 13 year old daughter, we have a brilliant relationship, we have talks about anything and everything, she knows she can ask and even if she doesn't she gets told lol

without lecturing her (kids switch off quickly to that) we have discussions, sex, alcohol, pregancy, drugs, smoking, peer name it.

i'm not saying she is not going to try things as she gets older, but she will be informed and know the consequences of her actions, knows the impact on her plans she has for her future and know how i would react. when my lad is older he will also be involved in these discussions.

maybe its just me, but i will not rely soley on the school to educate my kids.

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As for the girl having any self-respect....look at the photographs. And, although the school may bear some of the responsibility, the major portion has to rest with the parents of these children. The same sort of people who produce the petty criminals, vandals, burglars and casual murderers who seem to infest modern life. And NOBODY has any real answer... everything has been tried before, and none of it works. By the time the offending has started, it's too late to do anything, and there are no available sanctions which even slow them down a bit. Perhaps we should legalise all the currently illegal drugs and supply them free to our lost generations? Just keep them nicely stoned and mellow until they fade away...

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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The sad thing is that us as society are to blame for such things as teenage pregnacy been socially acceptable,

the same goes for crime aswell people are let of far to lightly for things they have done, I have even met

some pricks that think it was cool to of been to jail! That just sums up the Uk to me, not harsh enough as

the people in the wrong always get off lighty!

thats just my two pence! regards danny


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School's fault. Education to blame.


Roger, what sort of sex ed to kids get at this age? You teach children up to the age of 10/11 I think, do you not get quite a bit of objection from parents about teaching such young children about sex?

Obvious this kid would have had a couple of years at secondary school so you may not be able to give too many details of what sort of school education he would have had. Personally I think schools should teach children the biology and chemistry of sex but the social/relationship/responsibility side of things should really come from the parents. I think because kids do get taught about sex and I believe this includes the social side of things in school some parents will think they do not have to touch on the subject at home. Obviously every child develops at a different rate as does their social activities. Schools can't teach children at different rates so parents need to be aware of what their children are up to and educate them accordingly

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Yes - I do teach Year 6 (10-11 year olds) and they get taught 'sex education' as part of PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education), which they have been prescribing as part of the National Curriculum for some time now.

I have a nurse come in to talk to the children too and she will take the girls while I work with the boys - it's pretty graphic and the accompanying DVD film shows clever camera footage of the 'biology' of male ejaculation amongst other things...

The parents have to sign a 'waiver' reply slip to agree to their child being taught this and in several years with year 6 I have only had 1 parent who didn't want her child seeing it - but she was a flipping idiot and the girl in my class had 'two mums' and the only time I saw her (mum 1) in regard to her daughter's education was when she stormed in to 'have it out with some Year 5 boy who had apparently said her mum was a dyke'...she was wearing a t-shirt that said 'I used to be a lesbian but now I'm a dyke'

She was banned from the school premises after that...

Anyway - my initial post was a petulant reposte somewhat tongue in cheek at one or two of the previous posts because as an experienced child educator it is almost laughable at the number of numpties who jump on the 'lets blame eduction, school or teachers' bandwagon any time some twat acts like the ignorant twat that they are and are the offspring of.

The acorn never falls too far from the tree in my experience and some people cannot be taught right from wrong and with millions of policy makers making it easy for sponging lazy idiots to exist on our over-burdened planet who am I to change the world.

I just try to sow a little seed of education to the people - unlike our young friend who clearly has successfully sown his seed elsewhere.


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These kids will have to go to Arkansas and shop in the pre-teen maternity department of Wal-Mart. This is not to uncommon in the poorest of counties there. Sad but true.


I too have 13 year old daughter and often discuss life choices and how they effect her future. She gets sick of my nagging, but I think she gets the message. She is my responsibilty.



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