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Stolen Esprit


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Good news Les. Hope they can catch the culprits now.

Time for a change of garage and a Tracker I suspect.

How far had it travelled/gone when your son found it?

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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I hope all is well that ends well, and it's just a new ignition barrel. :o Have scotch, I think my nerves might be a bit frazzled after that.

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Good news that its been found - I bet if they find the theiving oiks, they will get let off!

This book is guaranteed to NOT change your life…but it does mention a Lotus Esprit...

To enjoy this masterpiece, download Martin now. Simples!!!

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Great news Les. Hope everything is in order with the car and there is no mech damage.

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like they realised it was only a matter of time before they got pulled and parked it. I'm pleased its back and glad they didn't torch it!

Don't forget to update all the other forums. You don't want to get it back and then get pulled driving your own car after a false report!




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That is great news! :( It does seem like a lot of effort to go to stealing your car if it was just for - what was seemingly - a joyride though... It does scare me sometimes when you consider the type of people we have to share this earth with :o

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great news. hoping there is no other damage.


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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That must be a great releif. At least it wasn't stolen to order or it would never have touched the roads, and if they meant to break it into parts they really should realise a large proportion of Esprit owners know each other / each others cars so they'd have a big chance of getting caught.

You wouldn't use an Esprit as a get-away car from a bank job, you'd have your photo taken too many times before you even pull up outside, there would be a very slow entry into the car followed by the issue of where to put the loot.

So it looks like it was a deliberate theft for purposes of driving, hopefully it's just the ignition barrel.


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Glad you got it back Les. MIne is insured but I would still be mortified to know that some dropkick had been driving my pride and joy. Hope all is good with the car.


All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Hi All,

I hope the owner is happy that his car has been found, if so then a good result! You need to check your wastegate has been working properly incase your car overboosted. You'll probably have the whole car checked out by a specialist? Personally for me though and Iam not alone on this one, if anyone stole my car, it wouldn't want it back. Once some thieving b***rd's been in my car I would prefer them to torch it or break it for parts so I'd get the insurance money instead to buy a new one.

It's happened to me before but not on my Esprit and sadly it's just not the same driving around in it afterwards. I sold it a month later.

If you do want to see your car back then as Paul said, a tracker is perfect especially a 24hour one which activates as soon as the car is taken rather than you having to get it activated once you have discovered it missing.

The difference between the two could be whether your car is in this country or not or they have found the tracker and removed it.

I have a 24 hour tracker fitted to my Esprit but not by choise, it was a condition of the insurance company. I have to say that I do feel slightly more at ease leaving it in a carpark or parked up somewhere. On my last Esprit (S4s) it didn't have one and I wouldn't leave it anywhere.

On the point of fingerprints, yes the police may take them but that's it. They will be put on a database and not much more will be done about it. The car that was stolen from me had perfect fingerprints on that were oily but still perfect. The police never even took fingerprints and their reasons were that the likelyhood of catching them was slim.

David Walters

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Great it's back, treat it to a valet or something to make it all clean and 'yours' again.


The tracker idea is always handy in hindsight, but i don't buy into it mate.

A tracker is something that tells you it's 'been stolen', the time it takes the police to get to

it will quite often be longer than the joyriders have had with the car: It's still been stolen.

They can still drive it round like loonies for half an hour then run off with it either burning

or in a ditch somewhere, with a big hole ripped out of the dash where the stereo once was.

All the while the tracker will be doing it's job, even as the first slash goes through your seats

it will be signalling away to some police car ten minutes away. Real handy bit of kit.

Would anyone fit a tracker to your central heating? Imagine your boiler being able to text you

at work to tell you the house was flooded! Just how handy is knowing sooner rather than later

when the event has actually happened anyway?


Making the car undrivable is the only way to make sure it does not get driven away. Pulling a

vital but hard to find relay, fuse or something. But who actually does? We all know how to, but

day to day it's just too much hassle to do every time.

Of course, as i type, my lotus is sat in the garage with everything still attached and ready to go,

with the paper thin hope that the factory immobiliser is a good bit of kit...


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The Police cars up here don't have tracker receivers, then there's the time factor i.e. once the tracker centre contacts the Police to tell them that the stolen car is at a certain location how long does it take the Police to actually attend. My car was reported to the Police by members of the public on five seperate occasions and when I asked why they never followed up the reports they said that the area car was too busy with other jobs to attend.

When my son found the car he telephoned the Police with it's location, they arrived about 40 mins later but they were just passing and hadn't actually been sent

If the car checks out o.k. I'm going to fit a kill switch in the boot (which I intended doing anyway), an alarm/imobiliser, and a removeable steering wheel.

Another option would be a wheel clamp but if they are using bolt cutters I dont suppose that would be much use.

When I was a young guy many years ago I had a Cooper S and all I did with that was fit a switch in the ignition circuit. that was all that was needed then.


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Good to hear you got her back! :o I hope the thieving low-lifes haven't done her too much mischief.

Shocking to hear of this going on so close to home...



Calypso red '92 Esprit SE Hi-wing

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I would have thought an alarm for the lockup would be better. Kill switch is good, but by the time they've discovered they can't start it, you're probably into a set of smashed locks or windows. Then once they're in and frustrated the stanley knife comes out.......

How about this for the lock up?




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Les - so happy you got your car back !!

The problem with the police a lot of the time is man power, it's as frustrating as hell but chasing a stolen car around sometimes is not the best use of their very limited rescources.

A lot of the time the thought is that - it's insured, let them deal with it. I'm not defending the position, only telling you how it is sometimes - it's really frustrating for the victim of the crime and it can seem to be as if the police arn't doing anything.

There is all number of things they could have done - static ANPR cameras can effectivly nail a vehicle to a region, all they need to do is logon and punch in the reg to see if it has triggered one which can help. Finger'll have yours all over it but more importantly the mess it leaves is horrible, I wouldn't bother with it imo.

If the car hasn't got one then definatly get an imobiliser and an alarm, a physical barrier like one of those sunken concrete posts is a good idea but for car security (imo) you cannot beat a GPS tracker.

As I said before being fibreglass you can bury the antenna deep into the car and it will still receive a signal - wire the thing into the car's supply and you can text the car's location from anywhere in the world. You can program the things with geo-zones that alarm you when the thing has moved out of a ring fence (ie 100 meters from it's rest position) and/or movement sensors.

That way you can plot the car's position, once it comes to a rest you phone the old bill and you have your car back.

You can even get systems that kill the ignition on command or when the car leaves a zone un-authorised.

Imbobilisers/alarms/battery dis-connectors do work, however when the car is being shifted onto a flat bed their use tends to expire very quickly.

We use something as crude as this sometimes :

facebook =

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Looks like it's going to be Monday now before I can get the car on a ramp to check the underside and check the mechanicals, until then it's at a secure place. I won't be using the lockup again as all the thieving little s***s in the area now know what was in it. I'll see if I can rent one in a different area.

I'll have to have some serious thought about an alarm and tracker over the weekend, anyone got any info/experience on whats available out there, I quite like the idea of the one you can send a signal to and cut the ignition.


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Les sorry hear about your loss but equally glad to hear its back and hopefully little damage.

Now trackers,I have one of these's fitted, its a diy job if you can fitt stereos its no problem.

If you want a personnel recandamation then please use me when contacting them.If you want to know more then pm me your number and I'll tell you more.



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